2022/2023 Research Skills and Projects (MATH61000)

Lecturer: Marcus Tressl

This course is compulsory for all students on the MSc programme Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Logic and runs over two semesters.


Week Activity
Week 0
Sep 19-23
Friday: Lectures 11.00-13.00 in room G.113 of the Alan Turing Building.

After the lecture, please familiarize yourself with mathematical typesetting: In order to typeset mathematics we will use LaTeX. If you do not have LaTeX installed on your computer, please install it. To do so install the following two programs:
  • MikTeX, available for Windows, Mac and Linux for free at https://miktex.org/.
  • TeXStudio, available for Windows, Mac and Linux for free at https://texstudio.org/.
  • Typeset a first LaTeX page on a topic of your choice.
More detailed information may be found in the slides from the lectures.
Week 1
Sep 26 - 30
  • Monday: Lectures 15.00-17.00 in Roscoe 4.8, which is located on the fourth floor of the Roscoe Building (Google Maps).
  • Monday-Thursday: Find a topic for the mini-project using the slides from the lectures.
  • Monday-Thursday: Individual meetings with the lecturer to discuss your selection of the mini-project. Please sign up on our Doodle Poll and send an email with at least one suggestion for a mini-project to Marcus Tressl before your meeting.
  • Friday: Start working on the mini-project.
Week 2
Oct 3-7
Write the
(about 60 hours)
  • Monday: Lectures 15.00-17.00 Roscoe 4.8, which is located on the fourth floor of the Roscoe Building (Google Maps).
  • Tuesday: Have a first look at main projects and a prospective supervisor using ProjectsMATH61000.pdf
Week 3
Oct 10-14
Individual meetings with the lecturer on progress in writing the mini-project and on main project selection. Please select exactly one slot on our Doodle Poll
Week 4
Oct 17-21
Week 5
Oct 24-28
Week 6
Oct 31-Nov 4
Reading week
Choose main projects and send an email to Marcus Tressl with at least two suggestions for a main project in order of your preference. Dry run of the presentation of the mini-project with PhD students (no lecturer will be present)
Week 7
Nov 7-11
Mini-project submission deadline: Friday, 3pm. Please upload the pdf file of the mini-project to the mini-project submission box on BlackBoard.
Week 8
Nov 14-18
Individual presentations of the mini-project. The day and hour of the presentation will be communicated to you via email before November 9.
Week 9 Start of the main project. At this point the main project supervisor will take over.

The marks of the mini-project will be released with the first semester marks and students will receive feedback, including feedback on the week 8 presentation.


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