• Opportunities (Topics for potential PhD students & past and current PhD students)

I am interested in supervising a student who is willing to work on development micro-econometrics using large household survey data in developing countries, at least, as a part of dissertation. Because his main area is the quantitative analysis of poverty and the effects of poverty alleviation policies, he would particularly welcome the students interested in poverty on developing countries.

Possible topics include:

A. Empirical Analysis of Poverty Dynamics and Vulnerability

B. Impact Evaluations of Poverty Alleviation Programmes

C. Multidimensional Poverty Dynamics

D. Multidimensional Inequality with a focus on Nutrition and/or Health

E. Food Security and Nutrition

F. Risk-coping Behaviour of Rural Households

G. Role of Agriculture (and its structural changes) in reducing poverty and inequality

H. Structural Transformation of Rural Sector and its effect on poverty and inequality

Supervision of research student

PhD Supervision:
Former PhD Students:
Dr Woojin Kang, Topic: ‘A Microeconometric Analysis of Household’s Vulnerability in Vietnam 2002/2004’ (a main supervisor 9/2005- 7/2010, PhD awarded in  1/2011) (with Prof. Chris Orme), now Research Fellow at Korean Development Institute and at Australian National University.

Dr. Samuel Kobina Annim 'Positing a relationship between microfinance and poverty and financial intermediation'  (a main supervisor since 1/2008- 12/2010, PhD awarded in 12/2010)  with Dr. Thankom Arun, 
Lancashire Business School), now Associate Professor and Research Director at University of Cape Coast.  

Dr. Shireen Mahdi (at IDPM), ‘Inefficient institutions, group conflict and institutional change’ (a second supervisor  9/2006- 8/2010, with Prof. Kunal Sen at GDI), now a senior economist at the World Bank.

Dr. Md. Shafiul Azam ‘Poverty and Vulnerability in LDCs’ (a main supervisor 9/2007- 9/2011), now lecturer (assistant professor) at Aberystwyth University.

Dr  Abdilahi Ali `Financial development and liberalisation in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and the dynamics of capital flows` (a main supervisor  9/2011-12/2012 & 9/2009-8/2011 a second supervisor with Dr. Bernard Walters), now lecturer (assistant professor) at Aberystwyth University. 

Dr. Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman 'Applications of Regression Discontinuity Design' (Completed in 5/2013; a second supervisor since 1/2012- 4/2013, with Prof. Martyn Andrews), now research fellow at the University of Stirling. 

Dr. Purnima Purohit 'Institutional Design and Operations of Agricultural Markets and its impact on State Economy: A Comparative Study of three States of India' (Completed in 10/2013; a second supervisor since 9/2009- 7/2013, with Prof. Kunal Sen at GDI) , now research fellow at Glasgow University.

Dr. Swati Virmani  'International Trade and its Impact and Implications for Developing Nations'  (a second supervisor since 9/2011-12/2014, with Dr Ed Amann), now research fellow at University of Hiddersfield, UK.

Dr. Juan Miguel Villa  'How Important is Cash in Cash in Conditional Cash Transfer Programms IN Urban Areas of Mexico?  (a second supervisor 9/2011-12/2014, with Prof. Armando Barrientos at BWPI), now research fellow at the Inter-American Development Bank.

Dr. Subhasish Dey 'Welfare or Workfare? - A strategy for inclusive growth: Exploring the case of MG-NREGS' (a main supervisor since 9/2011-2/2016, with Prof. Kunal Sen at GDI), now lecturer at the University of York.

Dr. Bilal Malaeb ''Consumption Smoothing and Risk Coping Mechanisms: Evidence from Rural India' (a main supervisor since 9/2012- 4/2016, with Dr Jennifer Golan), now research fellow at the Oxford Department of International Development, the University of Oxford and at the Department of Economics, the University of Southampton.

Dr. Vicente Rivera-Garcia  'A Comprehensive Assessment of the Urban Poverty in Mexico: Poverty Dynamics, Poverty Traps, Vulnerability, Risk and Policy' (a main supervisor since 9/2011 -9/2016, with Prof. Armando Barrientos at BWPI).

Dr. Daniele Malerba 'Poverty, cash transfers and the demand for energy' (Writing up, GDI, a co-supervisor since 9/2013-6/2017, with Prof. Armando Barrientos at GDI).

Current PhD Students

Ms. Amanda Telias 'Social protection programmes in Chile' (Writing up, GDI, a co-supervisor since 9/2013, with Prof. Armando Barrientos at GDI).

Mr. Chisom Ubabukoh 'Agricultural Productivity and Poverty in Nigeria' (Year 4, a main supervisor since 9/2013, with Prof. Kunal Sen at GDI).

Ms. Ning Xue 'Public Spending and Habit Formation' (Year 4, a co-supervisor since 9/2014, with Dr Xiaobing Wang and Dr Wenya Chen).

Ms. Vidhya Unnikrishnan, 'Investigation of Social Assistance Programs in India- a case study of Indira Gandhi Old Age National Pension Scheme ' (Year 4, a co-supervisor since 3/2016, with Prof. Kunal Sen at GDI).

Ms. Laura Rodriguez Takeuchi 'Health inequity. Trends and impacts in Andean countries' (Year 3, a main supervisor since 9/2015, with Prof. Kunal Sen at GDI).

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