Media Contributions,Coverage/ News: 
  • Media Release:
  • 1. Op-ed appeared in The Indian Expresss on 1/11/2016 'The overrated urban spinoff: Agriculture’s contribution to poverty reduction is five times more than that of metropolitan centres'  (by Raghav Gaiha and Katsushi Imai). 
2.    The op-ed: “If you want to help the farmer" Indian Express, 24th April 2015.
3.    The article  Ideas for India  entitled: “Women’s Empowerment and Prevalence of Stunted and Underweight Children in Rural India”(June 2015).
4.    Press Release from our ESRC project "Economic Growth will not feed the hungry, say researchers" (04 Dec 2012). It was featured by a number of medias (e.g. Medical Express, or Indian Finance).
5.    The article 'Can we halve poverty by 2015?' in the Economic Times, 21 Sep 2010
6.    The media release from the University of Manchester, "Route out of poverty (or microfinance) threatened by global slowdown" (PDF, this was featured by The Manchester Evening News on 18 December 2008).
7.   The media release from the University of Manchester "Three billion Asians face food crisis threat" (featured by Times Higher Education, 6-12 November 2008). 
8.   The media release from the University of Manchester “Unlocking Poverty Trap”. This was also featured by UniLife, the University Staff Magazine. featured by the website of HERO: The official on-line gateway to Higher Education and Research (Sep 2007).
9.  The article appeared in Business Standard entitled: Who got the benefits of growth? (22 January 2009). 
10. The article appeared in Business Standard entitled: 'The crisis of the sub-prime - Why poverty will rise' (with Raghav Gaiha) (6 January 2009).  
Other Disseminations among non-academic communities
11. The article the African Report No. 20 (December 2009- January 2010) entitled: ‘Few guarantees for the working poor: Insights from India show that providing guaranteed sections of the population may have negative as well as positive impacts.’
12. The article appeared in the Microfinance Insider's first issue entitled Does Microfinance reduce poverty in India? (
13. The article ‘Coping with rising food prices in Asia’ appeared  in ID21 research highlight - communicating development research at IDS, Univ. of Sussex (Feb 2009).
14. The paper entitled `Poverty, inequality and ethnic minorities in Viet Nam` has been featured by the ID 21 research highlight (3rd September 2008)
15. The article appeared in the ID 21 research highlight on Women`s Organisations and Child Malnutrition in Nepal and  'Microfinance and Poverty in India' (September 2007).   
16. The article 'Does Microfinance Reduce Poverty in India?'  was published online in'ID21-Rural Development' web communication set by IDS, Univ of Sussex (July 2007).

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