David H Foster

Professor of Vision Systems
Sensing, Imaging, and Signal Processing Research Group


d.h.foster@manchester.ac.uk | tel. +44 (0)161 306 3888 | www.eee.manchester.ac.uk/d.h.foster
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Manchester, Manchester M13 9PL, UK

Education, appointments, fellowships, journal editorships.
About 200 articles, with PDFs and manuscript versions for individual use.
current_researchCurrent Research
Hyperspectral imaging methods, information-theoretic applications, engineering approaches to biological vision.
other_research Other Research
Color vision and hyperspectral imaging, fuzzy geometry, pattern recognition, statistical and clinical applications.
surveySurvey of Author Ordering 
Role of contribution and seniority in determining the order of authors of vision articles.
mondriansColour Constancy
Definition of color constancy and a table of 80 colour constancy indices derived from published reports.
fixationAutomatic Eye-Fixation Software
Identify fixations and saccades from point-of-gaze data without parametric assumptions or expert judgement.
bootstrapBootstrap Threshold Software
Estimate a threshold and a robust SD from stimulus-response data with a normal cumulative distribution.
levada_3Hz Time-Lapse Hyperspectral Radiance Images 2015
Four time-lapse sequences of 7-9 calibrated hyperspectral images of natural scenes, spectra at 10-nm intervals
Ruivaes Ruin Hyperspectral images for light distributions 2015
Thirty hyperspectral radiance images of natural scenes with embedded probe spheres for local illumination estimates
modelfreeModel-Free Psychometric Function Software
Fit a stimulus-response curve and estimate a threshold and SD without a parametric model.
HSI_2002 Hyperspectral Images of Natural Scenes 2002
Eight calibrated hyperspectral images of rural and urban scenes with spectra at 10-nm intervals.
HSI 2004Hyperspectral Images of Natural Scenes 2004
Eight calibrated hyperspectral images of rural and urban scenes with spectra at 10-nm intervals.
tutorial_HSITutorial on Transforming Hyperspectral Images
How to obtain radiance and RGB colour images from hyperspectral image reflectance data.
haggadahHyperspectral Images of Illustrated Manuscripts
Calibrated hyperspectral images from the Rylands Haggadah, St Christopher Woodcut, and Persian Koran.
countdown free imageTutorial on Information from Image Colours
How to estimate Shannon differential entropy and mutual information from colour images, with supporting software.