My name is Zekai Murat Kilic and I am a Lecturer in the Manufacturing Group of the Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering (MACE) at The University of Manchester (UoM). I earned my PhD degree and Postdoctoral research experience from Professor Altintasí Manufacturing Automation Laboratory at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada), and further had 2.5 years of industry experience at Pratt & Whitney Canada (QC, Canada) and at ITRI Intelligent Machine Tools Division (Taichung, Taiwan). My Masterís degree is from Professor Ozguvenís Vibrations group at Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey), where I also earned my BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering.

With my son at UBC MAL. ~2019



i) Digital twinning of multi-axis CNC machine tools: As summarised in the above picture for an example of Digitised Machine Tool, I am interested in modelling the dynamic, kinematic and control aspects of production machines coupled with the process models. Each model will be part of a realistic Virtual Manufacturing System that involves multiple manufacturing technology.

ii) Model-based process monitoring and optimisation (Industry 4.0 principles)

iii) Intelligent tools for high performance manufacturing


Fields of interest:

Metal cutting; Additive Manufacturing; Industry 4.0


PhD opportunities:

Please write to me to discuss on research topics towards advancing the manufacturing engineering.


Here is the link for general application guidelines for prospective MACE students.


The PhD students can apply for scholarships once they got accepted to MACE:

1) Internal MACE scholarships: For both home and overseas students who can start their PhDs before April.

2) Presidentís Doctoral Scholarship: Indicative deadline: 11th January 2021 (candidates will need to have unconditional offers in place by this point).

3) Also, CSC/UoM scholarship is a very good option for students from China.




i) NC machining (UGT/PGT)

ii) Electrical Machining (UGT/PGT)


Course co-ordination:

iii) Workshop practice unit (Undergraduate)


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