Univerity of Manchester
Zbigniew Joseph Ulanowski

My areas of interest are light scattering, characterization of aerosols, scattering properties of cirrus clouds, optical techniques for in situ and remote cloud sensing, optical instrument development, particle trapping and micromanipulation techniques. Although my work has centred on the scattering of light - most recently in the atmosphere - I have broad interests and see myself as an interdisciplinary "problem solver" rather than a specialist in any narrow area.

Some of my work is described in my old web pages at University of Hertfordshire, such as light scattering from atmospheric ice analogues, dust particle alignment, and even earlier electromagnetic beam theory and optical trapping, among others. The work showing that the majority if ice crystals in mid-latitude clouds were rough or irregular is was published in ACP. The recent development of dust and cloud radio- and dropsondes that I led is described in these two papers: AMT (2019) and AMT (2020). Details of other projects, including publications, can be found in my CV.

200um ice analogue rosette

Saharan dust in May 2005 as seen by OMI

strongly focused beam order 34

Although I am now technically semi-retired, I continue my collaboration with many institutions (e.g. CyI, ETH, FMI, IfT, KIT, NCAR, NOA) and I am a visiting scientist at:

At work
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Manchester
British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge
United Kingdom
E-mail: zbigniew.ulanowski manchester.ac.uk and zbowsk bas.ac.uk

ORCID ID 0000-0003-4761-6980

The background is a photograph of the "circumzenithal arc" produced by aligned ice plates in a cirrus cloud