Yuri Bazlov : the home page

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  • Office: 2.220 Alan Turing Building
  • Address: School of Mathematics, University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL, United Kingdom
  • Telephone: +44 161 2755816
  • E-mail: Yuri.Bazlov (append the “at” symbol then “manchester.ac.uk” to the email address)
  • Responsibilities: Lecturer in pure mathematics. Deputy director of the MAGIC PhD Taught Course Centre.

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research interests

Algebra, more specifically representations of Lie algebras, Hopf algebras, quantum groups. See Research and supervision.


prospective PhD students

If you are interested in doing a PhD under my supervision, please consult my research and supervision page. i

undergraduate, MMath, MSc projects (Manchester)

I supervise projects and dissertations on topics in abstract algebra. Projects can be purely theoretical or include a mix of theory and computation. See my research and supervision page for topics and past projects.