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Senior Lecturer in Decision Sciences
Programme director of MSc Business Analytics


Tel: 0161 27 56345 (Ext: 56345)
Email: yu-wang.chen@manchester.ac.uk
Web:  http://personalpages.manchester.ac.uk/staff/yu-wang.chen/
Office: F31, Alliance Manchester Business School (East), The University of Manchester, Manchester M15 6PB, UK


Yu-Wang Chen is Senior Lecturer in Decision Sciences. Prior to his current appointment, he was a Postdoctoral Research Associate, and then appointed as a Lecturer in 2011 at the Decision and Cognitive Sciences (DCS) research centre of Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester, and a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Department of Computer Science, Hong Kong Baptist University. He received the PhD degree in Control and System Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2008.

His research interests are mainly in the areas of Decision and System Sciences, Operational Research and Artificial Intelligence. He has published over 30 research articles in leading journals, such as European Journal of Operational Research, Computers & Operation Research, Information Sciences, Knowledge-Based Systems and IEEE T-SMC, 4 books or book chapters and 20 publications in conference proceedings. He has completed as PI/Co-I several research projects funded by ERC, EPSRC, NSFC, etc.

He currently acts as Associate Editor of the Decision Analytics Journal (Springer) and Editorial Board Member of Web Intelligence: An International Journal and International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management (Emerald). He is a member of EPSRC Peer Review College, International Society of Multiple Criteria Decision Making, EURO Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding (MCDA) Working Groups, and the Chinese Automation and Computing Society in UK.

Research and Projects

My research interests include:

·         Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis, including Social Influenced Decision Making, Evidential Reasoning and Belief Rule-Based Methodology

·         Modelling and Optimisation of Complex Systems

·         Risk Analysis in Supply Chains

·         Self-Organising Computation (previous PhD research)

Current and previous PhD/DBA students (supervisions and co-supervisions)

·         Hasanain Ali

·         Chidinma Chukwuemeka

·         Orbay Unsay

·         Lihua Xia

·         Lei Ni

·         Cong Xu

·         Cheng Luo (currently at Zhejiang Gongshang University)

·         Leandro Salazar rosales (currently at ICAO Mexico)

·         Khalil AbuDahab (currently at Imperial College London)

I am interested in taking new PhD students for the academic year 2018/2019. Please email me to discuss potential research topics and funding opportunities (including China Scholarship Council Postgraduate Scholarships).

Visiting PhD researchers and professors

·         Qingsong Gong (Visiting PhD researcher from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, supported by CSC)

·         Genke Yang (Visiting Professor from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, supported by CSC)

Publications (representative journal articles)

·         Chang, L.L., Zhou, Z.J., Chen, Y.W., Liao, T.J., Hu, Y. and Yang, L.H., 2017. Belief Rule Base Structure and Parameter Joint Optimization Under Disjunctive Assumption for Nonlinear Complex System Modeling. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems.

·         Gong, Q., Yang, G., Pan, C., Chen, Y. and Lee, M., 2017. Performance Analysis of Double EWMA Controller Under Dynamic Models With Drift. IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology, 7(5), pp.806-814.

·         Xu, X., Zheng, J., Yang, J.B., Xu, D.L. and Chen, Y.W., 2017. Data classification using evidence reasoning rule. Knowledge-Based Systems, 116, pp.144-151.

·         Liu, F., Zhu, W.D., Chen, Y.W., Xu, D.L. and Yang, J.B., 2017. Evaluation, ranking and selection of R&D projects by multiple experts: an evidential reasoning rule based approach. Scientometrics, 111(3), pp.1501-1519.

·         F. Ma, Y.W. Chen, J. Wang, Z.C. Huang (2016). A Novel Estimation Approach of Collision Probability for Coastal Radar Surveillance. Reliability Engineering & System Safety 155, 179–195.

·         K. AbuDahab, D.L. Xu, Y.W. Chen (2016). A new belief rule base knowledge representation scheme and inference methodology using the evidential reasoning rule for evidence combination. Expert Systems With Applications, 51: 218–230

·         Y. Yang, C. Fu, Y.W. Chen, D.L. Xu, S.L. Yang (2016). A belief rule based expert system for predicting consumer preference in new product development. Knowledge-Based Systems, 94: 105– 113.

·         Y.W. Chen, J.B. Yang, C.C. Pan, D.L. Xu, Z.J. Zhou (2015). Identification of uncertain nonlinear systems: constructing belief rule-based models. Knowledge Based Systems, 73: 124–133.

·         Y. Chen, Y.W. Chen, X.B. Xu, C.C. Pan, J.B. Yang, G.K. Yang (2015). A Data-driven Approximate Causal Inference Model using the Evidential Reasoning Rule. Knowledge-Based Systems, 88: 264–272.

·         G. Kong, X. Yin, T. Wang, R. Body, Y.W. Chen, et al., (2015). Current state of trauma care in China, tools to predict death and ICU admission after arrival to hospital. Injury, 46(9): 1784–1789.

·         C. Luo, O. De Bruijn, Y.W. Chen (2014). Behavioural segmentation using store scanner data in retailing: Exploration and exploitation in frequently purchased consumer goods markets. The Business & Management Review, 5(3): 43–54.

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·         Y.W. Chen, S.H. Poon, J.B. Yang, D.L. Xu, D. Zhang, S. Acomb (2012). Belief rule-based system for portfolio optimisation with nonlinear cash-flows and constraints. European Journal of Operational Research, 223(3): 775–784.

·         Y.W. Chen, Y.Z. Lu, M. Ge, G.K. Yang, C.C. Pan (2012). Development of hybrid evolutionary algorithms for production scheduling of hot strip mill. Computers & Operations Research, 39(2): 339–349.

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·         Y.W. Chen, Y.J. Zhu, G.K. Yang, Y.Z. Lu (2011). Improved extremal optimization for the asymmetric travelling salesman problem. Physica A, 390(23-24): 4459–4465.

·         J. Liu, Y.W. Chen, Y.Z. Lu, G.K. Yang (2011). Self-Organized Combinatorial Optimization. Expert Systems with Applications, 38(8): 10532–10540.

·         ……

Teaching specialisms

Dr Chen teaches at both undergraduate and MSc levels as follows: