Information about the course assessments can be found on the course syllabus page.

Feedback on your understanding of this unit

You will get feedback on your understanding in this course from

  1. the two assignments sheets you need to complete,
  2. during the support classes,
  3. during my office hour, and
  4. via the generic feedback (and exam script viewing) on the final exam.

This feedback will allow you to gauge your understanding of the material during the course, understand the mark that you got in the assessment, understand how you could do better in the future.

You can see feedback on last year's exam in the link within this section.

Coursework assignments

There will be one sheet of assignments you should return to me for marking. The test is worth 20% of your final mark. The course work feedback will be made available afterwards.

Coursework sheet (pdf). Solutions (pdf). Deadline: Friday 1st May, 2020, to be handed in to the Alan Turing Building reception (Tracey).

Final exam and Feedback

For a previous year exam and solution, see below.

Final exam 2019 (pdf). Solutions (pdf).

Final exam of 2020 and solutions:

Final exam 2020 (pdf). Solutions (pdf).

Examination & Course Unit Feedback

We will provide feedback here after the exam.