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Office 2.120, Alan Turing Building
School of Mathematics
University of Manchester
Manchester, M13 9PL

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Wednesdays 10-11 (Spring 2019)
...and by appointment


tuomas.sahlsten 'at'

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Hei! You have reached the website of Tuomas Sahlsten. I am originally from Finland ('Hei' = 'Hi' in Finnish) and now working as a Lecturer at the School of Mathematics in the University of Manchester, UK. Here is my CV.

In this site I will include some details of the work I am involved in the University.


I am a mathematician, working mainly on the time-evolution of systems and relationships to questions in number theory, waves and network theory.


I regularly lecture courses in the University, here is a list of the past, current and future courses I've lectured or prepared with link to their websites:

  • Analysis, Random Walks and Groups (MATH42142): 2019
  • Mathematics 0C2 (MATH19832): 2018, 2019
  • Additive combinatorics and ergodic methods in fractals (Uni Bristol): 2016
  • Riemannian Geometry (Uni Helsinki): 2010. Was not lecturing, only the co-author of the lecture notes (pdf).

Further activities