A tool for interactive editing of triangulations.

Invoke from the command line with

am_tri_editor xxxx
where xxxx.smd is an SMD file.


An SMD file is used to load in a set of points (and associated image).
The tool then attempts to load a triangulation from the file defined in the SMD file (in the "tri_file:" field). If successful it displays the current triangulation. Each node is shown in green. Each triangle is shown in yellow. To help disambiguate, and to show where triangles are missing, a half size triangle and a red dot are shown in the centre of each triangle:

The View menu provides functions to change the line width and hide the red lines and dots.

Editing the Triangulation

The "Delauney" button creates a fresh Delauney triangulation of the current set of points.
The following modes can be selected for mouse interation:

Note that the "Undo" and "Redo" buttons can be used to undo changes to the triangulation.

To save the triangulation, use "File->Save Triangles", and save to the model directory using the extension ".tri".
If necessary, remember to modify the SMD file to point to your new triangulation in the "tri_file:" field.