am_markup start

A tool for annotating images and creating connectivity (.parts) files.

Invoke from the command line with

am_markup start

Loading images to annotate

To load a single image, use the "File->Load Image" menu item.

We are so often interested in sets of images, possibly with existing annotations. The simplest method of dealing with them is to set up a basic SMD file listing the images of interest. This can then be loaded using the "File->Load Image Set". The first image (and any associated annotation points listed in the SMD file) will then be displayed. You can move through the set using the arrow buttons above the main window.
This is the preferred technique when marking up a set of images, as the tool can automatically create a suitable file name for any saved points.

Manipulating the Points

The buttons on the left of the main window allow selection of a variety of interactions.
The main methods of adding points are as follows:

You can also interact with the image and points as follows:

Saving Results

Display Issues

The "Props->Graphics" menu item brings up a panel allowing control of the graphics (line width, point radius etc)

Generating screenshots