Meringue Man

A Hero For Our Time

Preface to the Digitally Re-mastered Multi-colour Edition (2020)

The original Meringue Man cartoons were drawn between 1985 and 1990. They were distributed by means of photocopying and the Royal Mail to a small group of interested connoisseurs.
Soon after learning how to write web-pages in trusty html, the author scanned the first 13 episodes and put them up on the world wide web, where they soon gained an international following. Or at least, someone from Denmark quite liked them, which is good enough for me.
However, back in the early 90's most home computers were connected to the internet with dial up modems, which meant we cared about every kilobyte of file size. Thus the digital scans were low resolution and heavily compressed, introducing artifacts into the images.
The author got distracted by other things and never got around to uploading issues 14 and 15, presented here for the first time to a global audience.
Recently the author's interest in drawing re-awakened, and the possibilities of animation became more apparent.
The author rediscovered the original artwork for MM, including previously unseen full colour versions. These have now been lovingly scanned, and are presented here along with newly created animations of some of your favourite characters.

The Cast

The Good Guys

Meringue Man Trouser Man

The Bad Guys

FishMan The Trout Master The Dread Munchy Crabs
Simple Salmon


MM01 : The TreeMan Cometh
MM02 : Out On A Limb
MM03 : The Darkness At The Edge Of Fish
MM04 : Devastacorn!
MM05 : May Your Fins Be Forgiven
MM06 : Waiter - There's A Trout In My Soup
MM07 : Kipper, Oh My Kipper
MM08 : We Have Out Inherringtance
MM09 : Ask Not For Whome The Bread Rolls
MM10 : Cheese - Thou Art Fickle
MM11 : A Fish For All Seasons
MM12 : Dark Tidings From The Transport Interchange
MM13 : All The Stoves In The World
MM14 : A Trout At The End Of The Tunnel
MM15 : A Fist Full Of Kippers