Meringue Man

A Hero For Our Time

The Cast

The Good Guys

Meringue Man

Trouser Man

The Bad Guys

Fish Man

Simple Salmon

The Trout Master


MM01 : The TreeMan Cometh
MM02 : Out On A Limb
MM03 : The Darkness At The Edge Of Fish
MM04 : Devastacorn!
MM05 : May Your Fins Be Forgiven
MM06 : Waiter - There's A Trout In My Soup
MM07 : Kipper, Oh My Kipper
MM08 : We Have Out Inherringtance
MM09 : Ask Not For Whome The Bread Rolls
MM10 : Cheese - Thou Art Fickle
MM11 : A Fish For All Seasons
MM12 : Dark Tidings From The Transport Interchange
MM13 : All The Stoves In The World
MM14 : A Trout At The End Of The Tunnel
MM15 : A Fist Full Of Kippers