Manchester Geometry, Topology and Mathematical Physics Seminar

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The seminar is the successor of the Manchester Topology Seminar and the Manchester Geometry Seminar (which incorporated an informal Geometry and Mathematical Physics seminar) after their reunification in 2016. The topics of the seminar are understood in the broadest sense. The speakers are requested to begin their lectures in a manner that makes the material accessible to mathematicians in general and particularly to graduate students.

Time and venue: in autumn 2018 Mondays 1-3pm (note non-standard day and time!), with most seminars 1-2pm, at Frank Adams Room 1. We have tea before the seminar. (Our usual day and time: Thursdays 3-5pm, but it has been changed for autumn 2018.)

Talks in previous years:

Manchester Topology Seminar:

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Manchester Geometry Seminar:

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Ted Voronov. 20 August (2 September) 2018