About me

I am a Reader in Pure Mathematics at the University of Manchester.

My research area is Differential Geometry,  Topology, and Mathematical Physics. I have done research in supermanifold geometry, quantization, index theorem, quantum groups, and integral geometry. My most recent research concerns odd and even Poisson brackets, homotopy algebras, super linear algebra and its applications, and other topics. You can find more information here.

I received my Ph.D. and B.A./M.A. from the Moscow State University in 1989 and 1984. Moscow is my native place and my mother tongue is Russian. I am a member of the large community of Russian mathematicians working outside Russia.

In 1991-1996, I worked at the Department of Mathematics of the Moscow State University. Before coming to Manchester in February 1999, I spent some good time in California at the UC Berkeley and (briefly) at the UCSD. I have been back at Berkeley a few times since then as a visiting scholar.

Besides mathematics, I am interested in literature, religion, and philosophy.

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