Manchester Geometry Seminar
Geometry and Mathematical Physics Seminar

2014/2015: Semester 1

Time: Thursdays 4.15pm (for the Manchester Geometry Seminar)
            Thursdays 3.15pm (for the Geometry and Mathematical Physics Seminar)
Location: The Frank Adams Room 1 (Room 1.212) in the Alan Turing building.

The two seminars are run in combination/ alternation. Visit the main page to find more information, in particular, programmes of talks for previous years. For the Manchester Geometry Seminar, we meet about 3.50 for tea and biscuits; each lecture begins at 4.15pm in the seminar room FA 1. For the Geometry and Mathematical Physics Seminar, we start at 3.15pm and have a break around 4pm.

Ted Voronov. 12 (25) November 2014