Manchester Geometry Seminar
Geometry and Mathematical Physics Seminar


The Manchester Geometry Seminar originated in 1999 as a joint seminar of UMIST and the "old" University of Manchester (aka Owens College), being in particular an heir to the Owens renowned Topology Seminar.

"Geometry" is understood in the broadest sense. Lectures may be on any topic with some relation however tenuous to geometry/topology, and should begin in a manner that makes the material accessible to mathematicians in general. All are welcome. Graduate students are particularly encouraged to attend.

Time: Thursdays 4.15-5.15pm or 3pm-5.15pm (when there is a Geometry and Mathematical Physics Seminar). We may vary the beginning of the seminars in the interval 3pm to 4pm depending on circumstances.
Location: The Frank Adams Room (Room 1.212), the Alan Turing building.
The Alan Turing building is the new mathematics building situated on Upper Brook Street, next to the multi-storey Aquatic Centre parking garage, opposite the Citroën garage and the former "Welsh Chapel", now partly demolished. It is building 46 on the campus map. See directions on the MIMS (Manchester Institute of Mathematical Sciences) page.

Seminar organizers:
Hovhannes Khudaverdian (Room 1.118, Alan Turing Building), Tel: (0161) 306 8975, Fax: (0161) 306 3669
Ted Voronov (Room 2.109, Alan Turing Building), Tel: (0161) 306 3682, Fax: (0161) 306 3669
Please contact them with any suggestions for future speakers or topics.

Geometry and Mathematical Physics Seminar (informal research seminar)
Starting from 2009-2010, we run the Manchester Geometry Seminar alternating it with the previously separate seminar on Geometry and Mathematical Physics. The latter starts at 3pm in Frank Adams Room 2 and, after a break, continues at 4.15pm for another hour in Frank Adams Room 1. (Frank Adams 1 or 2 stands for the bigger or smaller part of the Frank Adams room, which is normally partitioned into two, respectively.) You can find information about its earlier work here.

Special programme: Double and Multiple Structures in Standard and Super Geometry
This is an activity within the Geometry and Mathematical Physics Seminar framework run jointly by Dr K.C.H. Mackenzie (Sheffield) and Dr Ted Voronov, and partly funded by MIMS. See details here.

Ted Voronov. 3 (16) February 2013