Manchester Geometry Seminar 2006/2007.

Semester 2

Time: Thursdays 4pm
Location: Room G.16, Newman Building, Booth Street East, Manchester (see directions). The seminar is preceded by tea and biscuits in the seminar room (Newman G16) at 3.30pm.

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Related seminar:
Informal Research Seminar on Geometry and Mathematical Physics
Special programme:
Double and Multiple Structures in Standard and Super Geometry
Thursdays 1.30-3.30pm in MSS/N2 or Pariser building (former UMIST campus), Room G18. Check weekly announcements and details at
In this semester we discuss quantization as deformation and integration of Lie algebroids

Easter break: Monday 26 March to Friday 13 April. [Latin and Orthodox Easter both fall on the same day: Sunday 8 April / 26 March old style.]

Ted Voronov. 26 April (9 May) 2007