Manchester Geometry Seminar 2005/2006.

Semester 1

Time: Thursdays 4pm
Location: Room M12, MSS building. School of Mathematics, Sackville Street, University of Manchester, Manchester M60 1QD.
See directions on the MIMS (Manchester Institute of Mathematical Sciences) page.

There is an accompanying postgraduate seminar: Geometry and Mathematical Physics

Notice also: Buchstaber's lectures

We meet about 3.45 to collect tea, then take it to the seminar room, where there will be biscuits. Each lecture begins at 4pm. Visit the main page to find more information about the seminar, in particular, programmes of talks for previous years.

Merry Christmas!

The seminar will resume its work in February 2006.

Ted Voronov. 26 November/ 9 December 2005