MATH20411 PDEs and Vector Calculus B

General information

This course is taught by Dr Stefan Güttel. My office hour is Monday 15–16 in ATB 2.114. The teaching times are as follows: This is a 10 credit course.

The final 2-hour exam takes place on Tuesday, 22nd of January 2019. Please consult your exam timetable for the precise time and location. The exam is worth 80% of the overall course mark. Only three of the four questions need to be answered. If more than three questions are attempted, then credit will be given for the first three answers. Electronic calculators may be used, provided that they cannot store text.

Lecture notes

The lecture notes should be used to supplement your own notes taken in lectures. (It is highly recommended that you take your own notes.)

Example sheets

The example sheets below contain exercises for you to attempt before the tutorials. As a guideline, there is one example sheet to complete for each week. The tutorials are intended to answer your questions on these exercises. The solutions will be posted only when all exercises have been attempted.

Handouts and MATLAB codes

The handouts below contain additional material to be read between lectures. They are meant to be used as a preparation for the lectures and should be read before the week indicated in each bullet point. The MATLAB codes will further help you to experiment with PDEs.

Material from the web

This section collects some optional material, ordered by topic, which I thought you might find interesting and/or fun.


The above course materials are self-contained and you do not need to buy any textbooks. We will study several basic topics in calculus and applied mathematics, which are covered in hundreds of available texts in the library. The following books all contain some material you will meet in the course.