PhD Supervisors:

Prof Delia Bentley and Dr Laurel MacKenzie

PhD Title:

At the Edge of Ladin, Venetan, and Friulian: A Morpho-Syntactic Study of Two Dialect Areas in the South-Eastern Part of the Province of Belluno (Sovramontino and Lamonat) and in North-Western Part of the Province of Udine (Fornese di Sopra).


BA in Linguistics, The University of Manchester, 2013

MA in Language Documentation and Description, S.O.A.S. University of London, 2014 (HRELP - The Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project)

Research interests:

Romance Linguistics - Northern Italian Dialects

Rhaeto-Romance Languages

Friulian Language



Language Endangerment, Language Obsolescence and Language Vitality

Language Documentation and Description

Research outputs:

De Cia, S. (2013). The Vitality of Friulian in The Province of Udine: A Sociolinguistic study. BA dissertation, University of Manchester.

  • eScholarID: 275253
  • De Cia. S. (2013). La vitalitat dal furlan te provincie di Udin: un studi sociolinguistic. Udine: Provincia di Udine.

    De Cia, S. (2014). The obsolescence of Friulian lexical Items: An Investigation into the Mental Lexicon of Friulian-Italian Bilingual Speakers. MA dissertation, S.O.A.S. University of London.

    Teaching Areas:

    GTA for Sociolinguistics

    GTA for Language Variation and Change