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The fundamental goals of research within this theme are to decipher sedimentary processes, depositional environments and the controls on deposition from sedimentary sequences. We undertake pure and applied interdisciplinary research utilizing several approaches including: traditional and digital field-based studies, experimental and numerical modelling, and interpretation of 3D seismic and well data.

These approaches engender different scaled problems from fluid dynamics of turbidity currents and rivers at the grain-scale, to basin-scale questions, such as understanding mass transport complex mechanics and emplacement, and determining the allocyclic and autocycllic controls on basin margin sequences.

The Stratigraphy Group was founded at the University of Liverpool in 1990. Following relocation in 2012 we are now based at the Universities of Manchester and Leeds, which are 70 km apart; approximately one hour using road or rail links.

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The split site allows us to link directly into a leading process sedimentology laboratory at Leeds that has a long tradition of flume tank-based research, while Manchester provides direct expertise in mudrocks, carbonates, seismic interpretation and other areas of petroleum geoscience. Both Universities also provide strong support in structural geology and geochemistry.