Dr. Richard Prince University of Manchester

The material on this website was developed over the course of my 18 years teaching pharmacology, neuroscience and physiology at the University of Manchester. I've always been happy to share resources with colleagues, but it's taken getting a small teaching grant from the British Pharmacological Society to overcome my inertia and do something about making it more widely available. So... thank you BPS.

Most of the figures available here were produced using Omnigraffle. If you would like the original Omnigraffle files, please contact me. The majority of the drawings are completely original, but some use stencils freely downloadable from Graffletopia.

Animations were produced in Adobe Flash. The .fla source files are included with the download.

All material is offered on a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial Licence.


Finally, if you think any of the material offered here needs revision due to factual errors, or you feel I have breached your copyright,  please:

Email me!



ThingLink Annotated Figures

I've included the figures below to illustrate how I use ThingLink in feedback to students. Roll your cursor over the figures to show the information points. I generate examples of correct practice and then annotate them in ThingLink (ThingLink.com). Links to the figures can then be embedded in comments in Word documents or (as I mostly do), incorporated into drag and drop "QuickMarks" in the Turnitin GradeMark system. ThingLink is free for academic users. And no, they don't pay me anything!