Rachel Griffith, CBE FBA

Professor of Economics, University of Manchester
Research Director, Institute for Fiscal Studies

This page contains recent presentations, working papers and policy publications in chronological order.

"Income, prices, time use and nutrition"
     ULB 15 May 2018
     Leuven 26 April 2018

"How well targeted are soda taxes?"
     UPF 14 May 2018
     CEPR DP 12484
     presentation at Nemmers Prize Conference, Northwestern, 18 May 2017
     seminars at Lisbon (October), Queen Mary (4 May), CREST (15 March), Venice (20 March), 2017

"Tax design for sin goods"
     CORE Lecture, Louvain-la-neuve, 24 April 2018

"Self-control in food purchases"
     ECARES Lecture, Brussels, 23 April 2018

"Stemming the rise in obesity: the role of public policy"
     ECORES Lecture, Brussels, 20 April 2018
     talk at HM Treasury, 5 April 2018

"Dismal ignorance of the "dismal science" - a response to Larry Elliott" Prospect Magazine, with Orazio Attanasio, Oriana Bandiera, Richard Blundell, Steve Machin and Imran Rasul

"A new year, a new you? Temptation and self-control in food purchases"
     IZA Newsroom
     CEPR DP 12499
     Slides, Vilfredo Pareto Lecture, ASSET annual conference, Algiers, October 2017
     Slides, Lecture in Honour of Leonid Hurwicz, Warsaw, 3 July 2017

"Food choices and public policy"
     British Academy Review, No. 31 (Autumn 2017)

"Do sin taxes work?"
     Keynote lecture, AFSE annual conference, Nice, 19 June 2017
     Musgrave Lecture CESifo, Munich, 27 April 2017
     CEPR DP 12499

"Innovation, Firms and Wage Inequality"
     College de France, 16 June 2017

"Design of optimal corrective taxes in the alcohol market"
     seminar at Welcome Trust, 7 July 2017
     Griffith, O'Connell and Smith (2016) IFS Working Paper, W17/02
     seminar at Vienna, 9 March 2017
     seminars at Warwick (Oct 2016), City (Oct 2016), Sussex (Sept 2016)

"Demand Estimation with Unobserved Choice Set Heterogeneity"
     Crawford, Griffith and Iaria (2017) CEPR DP 11675, revised version of 2016 discussion paper
     seminars at Leuven, Essex (April 2016), Zurich, Oslo, Budapest (February 2016), Turin, Rome (October 2015)

"State Aid Control When the Rest of the World Disagrees: Are the Tax Cases just the Tip of the Iceberg?"
     Video, CRA conference Brussels December 2016

Griffith, O'Connell and Smith (2016) "Sweetening the sugar tax?"
     IFS Observation, 16 December 2016

"Does Starbucks Pay Enough Tax?"
     Slides, Royal Economic Society Public Lecture 2015

"Public policy towards obesity and food consumption"
     Slides, European Research Council, Brussels, May 2015

"Gluttony and sloth?", European Economic Association Presidential Lecture, Mannheim, August 2015

Full lecture
Short video

Griffith, Krol, and Smith (2015) "Store Brands and the Role of Advertising"
     CEPR DP DP10877

"Multinational firms, intellectual property and corporate income taxes"
     Slides, Austrilian Treasury, June 2014

"Tax Lies and Videotape"
     Video, Interview on Panorama on September 2013

"Offshoring of high-skilled workers is not a zero sum game"
     VOX Eu article, March 2012

"Demand for fruit and vegetables: the impact of 5 a day"
     Slides, AEA, January 2012

Patent Boxes: An innovative race to the bottom?
     VOX Eu article, June 2011

"Food prices in the UK"
     Slides, seminar at the OFT, November 2011

"The impact of introducing a minimum price on alcohol in Britain"
     IFS Briefing Note BN109, September 2010

"Corporate taxes and intellectual property: simulating the effect of Patent Boxes"
     IFS Briefing Note BN112, Nov 2010

"Innovation in China: the rise of Chinese inventors in the production of knowledge"
     IFS WP W11/15, Sept 2011

Griffith, Rachel and Rupert Harrison (2005) Background facts and comments on "Supporting growth in innovation: enhancing the R&D tax credit"
     IFS Briefing Note BN68, November 2005

Griffith and Harrison (2003) "Understanding the UK's poor technological performance"
     IFS Briefing Note 37

Griffith, Klemm and Simpson "Response to consultative note 'Designs for Innovation'"
     IFS Briefing Note No. 23

Bloom, Griffith and Klemm "Issues in the design and implementation of an R&D tax credit for UK firms"
     IFS Briefing Note No. 15

Griffith, R "How important is business R&D for economic growth and should the government subsidise it?"
     HM Treasury Working Paper and IFS Briefing Note 12

Griffith, R and H. Simpson(1998) "What role should the government play in promoting productivity?",
     IFS Commentary C73, November 1998