Peter Symonds

E-mail: Peter (dot) Symonds (at)

Office: 2.209, Alan Turing Building.

Postal Address:
School of Mathematics
University of Manchester
Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9PL
United Kingdom

Telephone: 0161 306 3675


Semester 2:

MATH19732 Mathematics for Materials Science Students

MATH6/42062 Representations and Characters of Groups

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I am interested in the interaction between algebra and geometry, particularly when there is a group action. Often this is described using the representation theory and cohomology of groups. At the moment I am particularly interested in stable categories for infinite groups and in group actions on rings and varieties.

If you are interested in postgraduate study at Manchester, please feel free to contact me.

Research Students:

Anja Meyer

Rudradip Biswas (PhD 2021)

Areej Almuhaimeed (PhD 2018)

Robin Green (MPhil 2016)

Nicholas Clarke (PhD 2016)

Robert McKemey (PhD 2013)

John MacQuarrie (PhD 2009)

Seminar Series:

Manchester Algebra Seminar

Manchester Geometry, Topology and Mathematical Physics Seminar

Transpennine Topology Triangle (TTT)