Professor (Chair) of New Infrastructure Development


Tel: 0161 306 3486
Location: Alliance Manchester Business School, East building, room F5
Alliance Manchester Business School
The University of Manchester
M13 9PL, Manchester, UK

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Design and Organizations, Collective Action, New Infrastructure Development, Megaproject leadership and governance


Organization Design and Value Creation (Graduate-standing/MSc.)

Megaproject Leadership and Governance (Graduate-standing/MSc.)

Infrastructure and Business Ecosystems (Graduate-standing/MBA)

MBA Project Supervision


Completing my book for MIT Press, Megaprojects: A Theory of Purpose, is my priority as a Professor of New Infrastructure Development. How come, I ask, a phenomena so central to economic production and social welfare- the production of capital-intensive systems such as infrastructure - is still so poorly understood? In my theory, I see ‘megaprojects’ as social technologies designed by people with a purpose, which is to create economic & social value. To achieve it, a vast bundle of resources needs to be assembled. Some resources exist in-house or can be purchased on the market. Others are what we call ‘nonmarket resources’



Gil, N, Stafford, A. Musonda I . 2019. Introduction to Duality by Design: The Global Race to Build Africa's Infrastructure., Editors N. Gil, A. Stafford, and I. Musonda. Cambridge University Press.

Gil, N., Pinto, J. 2018. Polycentric Organizing and Performance: A Contingency Model and Evidence from Megaproject Planning in the UK., Research Policy 47, 717-734


2016, China Africa Research Initiative, John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, October, Washington, DC, USA

2016, Mega Projects: Challenges, Performance Targets & Consensus Building, Keynote Speech, Click here to see my powerpoint presentation SBE16, Cairo, Egypt


2018, 6th Megaprojects Workshop : Theory meets Practice, One Belt, One Road, Emergent Markets, and Megaprojects, 25-26 October, Tongji University, Shanghai, China

2017, Panel Symposium, Designing Organizations to ‘Win’ in Pluralistic Settings Academy of management, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

2017, 5th Megaprojects Workshop : Theory meets Practice. Held in Conjunction with the Engineering Project Organization Conference (EPOC). Stanford Sierra Camp, Lake Tahoe, CA, USA

2016, Professional Development Workshop, Collective Action II: New Connections between Collaboration, Technology, and Organization Design Academy of Management, Anaheim, California

2016, 4th Megaprojects Workshop : Theory meets Practice. Innovation, Learning, and Design. LUISS Business School, Rome, May (co-organizer).

2015, Co-organiser with Alnoor ALBRAHIM (Harvard Business School) Collective Action: Exploring New Connections between Collaboration, Technology, and Organization Design. All-Academy Professional Development Workshop , 75th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Vancouver, BC, Canada, August.

2015, Co-organiser, 3rd Megaprojects Workshop : Theory meets Practice, Washington, D.C., June 4-5

2014, Organizer, Elinor Ostrom’s Commons Theory meets the Academy: Exploring Complementarities and Overlaps, Professional Development Workshop, 74th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Philadelphia, August 1-5. Participants: Shaz ANSARI (Cambridge); Carliss BALDWIN (Harvard), Charlotte HESS (Syracuse); Peter KLEIN (Missouri); Phanish PURANAM (Insead).