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Mike Prest

Office Hour: If you want to discuss something with me then send me an email and we can arrange a time. You can also ask questions by email (as well as in person). If you turn up at my office and I am free and not in the middle of something that I need to push on with, then I will be happy to talk to you/answer your questions. We are supposed to set an office hour; mine is Mondays 2.30-3.30 (starting Monday 24th September).

My room is Alan Turing Building 1.120

Internal tel. 55875


MATH10242 Sequences and Series (Semester 2)

MATH42041/62041 Noncommutative Algebra

Notes for the course: here are the notes for Sections 0 and 1 and Section 2


Set of Review Exercises and their Solutions

Exercises 1 and their Solutions

Exercises 2. Please hand in, or otherwise get to me, your solution to Question 2 on this sheet, so that I can provide feedback on it.

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