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HOME Offshore

Holistic Operation and Maintenance for Energy form Offshore Wind Farms


A group of wind turbines in the water

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HOME Offshore was a research project funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) which partners 5 leading UK universities. The project investigated:

·       the use of advanced sensing, robotics, virtual reality models and artificial intelligence to reduce maintenance cost and effort for offshore windfarms

·       predictive and diagnostic techniques allow problems to be picked up early, when easy and inexpensive maintenance allows problems to be readily fixed

·       robots and advanced sensors ed to minimise the need for human intervention in the hazardous offshore environment.

The remote inspection and asset management of offshore wind farms and their connection to shore, is an industry which will be worth billions annually in the UK alone. A substantial fraction of the cost of offshore Operation and Maintenance is generated by access requirements: such as the need to get engineers and technicians to remote sites to evaluate a problem and decide what action to undertake. Such inspection takes place in a remote and hazardous environment and requires highly trained personnel, of which there is likely to be a shortage in coming years. Additionally much condition monitoring data which is presently generated is not useful or not used effectively.

The project therefore aimed to make generate more ‘actionable data’ – useful information that can reduce operation and maintenance costs and improve safety.


Position paper

M. Barnes, S. Watson, D. Flynn, S. Djurović (Editors): “Technology Drivers in Windfarm Asset Management”, doi: https://doi.org/10.17861/20180718

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