MT1652: Mathematics for Engineers 2B

This course introduces first year engineering students to

The course is currently taught by Dr. Matthias Heil. This page provides online access to the lecture notes, example sheets and other handouts and announcements.

Please note that the lecture notes only summarise the main results and will generally be handed out after the material has been covered in the lecture.

If you have any questions about the lecture, please see me in my office (18.07), contact me by email ( or catch me after the lecture.



As far as I know (please check!), the exam will be on

May 18, 2000 from 2-4pm

Please note that this course has not been given before, so there are
no (representative) old exams available. Here's a mock exam paper
which should give you some idea of what to expect...


The course will be examined in a two hour exam in June. Coursework (in the form of two module tests) will account for 20% of the final mark. The module tests will be held during the normal lecture times and the dates will be announced approximately 2 weeks in advance.


Please note a few corrections for previous handouts (the files above have already been corrected).

Exam Revision:

Do you need more material to revise for the exam? Try this site:

I also recommend Schaum's Outline Series (that's the title of the series -- Schaum is not the author!) which you can find in the library.

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