MT30271: Elasticity

This course gives an introduction to the mathematical theory of linear elasticity. Elasticity is concerned with the deformation of solid bodies in response to applied forces. The course will show how such problems can be formulated in mathematical terms and how the governing equations can be solved. For an overview of the course see the official syllabus.

Many members of staff in the department have research interests in elasticity and this course will lay the foundations for possible future postgraduate work in this discipline. Obvious applications exist in engineering problems.

This course is currently taught by Dr. Matthias Heil. This page provides online access to the lecture notes, example sheets and other handouts and announcements.

Please note that the lecture notes only summarize the main results and will generally be handed out after the material has been covered in the lecture.

If you have any questions about the lecture, please see me in my office (Lamb building, room 1.05), contact me by email ( or catch me after the lecture.


The course will be examined in a two hour exam in January. Coursework (you will be expected to hand in homework on a regular basis) will account for 20% of the final mark.


Please hand in your coursework by Friday 12 noon of the week following the one in which the sheet was covered in the examples class (so you'll have a second chance to ask questions about a example sheet if you can't get all the coursework done during the examples class). Please place your solutions in the envelope on my door (Lamb building, office 1.05). I will return the marked homework (with solutions) in the following week (or so....).


Please note a few corrections for previous handouts (the files above have already been corrected).

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