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Subject: Cyber-Geography Research Bulletin, Vol. 1, No. 7, 26th July 1999

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Welcome to the Cyber-Geography Research Bulletin. This is a regular, free, email bulletin to inform you of changes and new additions made to the Geography of Cyberspace Directory and the Atlas of Cyberspaces on the Cyber-Geography Research web site. The bulletin is distributed about once a month, depending on how much time I have available for my cyberspace exploration.

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I am writing a Map of the Month column in Mappa Mundi Magazine ( July's column discussed Tim Bray's Hyperlink Totems from 1995 (

The Geography of Cyberspace Directory
* ography_of_cyberspace.html *
* asa/martin/geography_of_cyberspace.html *

New for the "Mapping the Internet" section:

*, a collaborative project designed to develop and deploy new techniques for the measurement of geographical aspects of activity and information flows on the Internet. We seek to develop a body of knowledge from which to design and implement a comprehensive survey (or Census) of the Internet. ( )

* A nice geographical traceroute applications called Neotrace from NeoWorx. ( )

New for the "Topology Maps" section:

* A new TeleGeography wall map, Global Communications Traffic Map, May 1999. ( )

* Peacock Maps, sell maps of Internet topology produced by Hal Burch, a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University, and Bill Cheswick, a scientist at Bell Labs-Lucent Technologies. It is a new venture by TeleGeography. ( )

* Twelve ARPANET maps covering the period 1969 to 1997 from the ARPANET Completion Report, Bolt, Beranek and Newman, Burlington, MA, January 4, 1978.The map were scanned by Larry Press. ( )

New for the "Visualising Information Spaces" section:

* Cockburn A. & Greenberg S., 1999, "Beyond the 'Back' Button: Issues of Page Representation and Organisation in Graphical Web Navigation Tools", Research Report 99-640-03, Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada. ( 1999/99-WebView/html/graWeb.html )

New in the "Internet Statistics" section:

* Internet Topology and Connectivity in the Americas, a report by Eric Arnum, Technical Conference for the Implementation of IABIN, 15-18th April 1999, Braslia. ( .html ) Further background information is at )

* Lawrence S. & Giles C.L., 1999, "Accessibility of information on the web", Nature, Vol. 400, 8th July 1999. The article is not online, but see for a summary of their findings.

New for the "Global Internet Diffusion" section:

* The third report - Falling Through the Net: Defining the Digital Divide, 8th July 8, 1999. ( ontents.html )

* Press L., Foster W.A., & Goodman S.E., 1999, "The Internet in India and China", paper presented at the INET'99 Conference, 22-25th June, San Jose, California. ( _3.htm )

* Press L., Foster W.A., & Goodman S.E., 1999, "Surveying the Global Diffusion of the Internet", paper presented at the INET'99 Conference, 22-25th June, San Jose, California. ( ngs/posters/125/index.htm )

* Uimonen P., 1999, "Connecting Laos: Notes from the Peripheries of Cyberspace", paper presented at the INET'99 Conference, 22-25th June, San Jose, California. ( _2.htm )

* The project examining information technologies and the future of urban environments. A urban research initiative by New York University. ( )

New for the "References" section:

* Cai G., Hirtle S. & Williams J., 1999, "Mapping the Geography of Cyberspace Using Telecommunications Infrastructure Information", paper presented at TeleGeo'99 Fist International Workshop on Telegeoprocessing, 6-7th May 1999, Lyon-Villeurbanne, France. (No information online.)

* Clever Project, 1999, "Hypersearching the Web", Scientific American, June 1999. ( )

* Crang M., Crang P., & May J., 1999, Virtual Geographies: Bodies, Space and Relations, (Routledge: London). [Buy the book from and support Cyber-Geography Research ]

* Cukier K.N., 1999, "Bandwidth Colonialism? The Implications of Internet Infrastructure on International E-Commerce", paper presented at theINET'99 Conference, 22-25th June 1999, San Jose, California. ( _2.htm )

* OECD, 1999, Building Infrastructure Capacity For Electronic Commerce - Leased Line Developments And Pricing, OECD, Paris. ( )

New in the "Conferences" section:

* The Eighth International World-Wide Web Conference, 11-14th May 1999, Toronto, Canada. ( )

* INET'99: Internet Global Summit, 22-25th June 1999, San Jose, California. ( oc.htm )

New for the "Some Other Stuff" section:

* Internet ISO 3166-Based Top Level Domain Survey by the ITU. Provides comprehensive information on who controls the country-code domains across the world. ( )

An Atlas of Cyberspaces
* *
* *
* *

Due to a major shortage of time over the last month only one new map was added to the Atlas. I plan to add more maps next month.

New one the "ISP Maps" page:

* A new map of the topology of the London metropolitan-area network. ( )

Please remember there is a mirror site for the Atlas of Cyberspaces in the USA at (The mirror was kindly donated by TeleGeography, Inc., Washington D.C. -

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* Anders P., 1998, Envisioning Cyberspace: Designing 3D Electronic Space, (New York: McGraw Hill). m/exec/obidos/ASIN/0070016321/cybergeographyre

* Benedikt M., 1992, Cyberspace, First Steps, (MIT Press: Cambridge, Mass.). m/exec/obidos/ASIN/0262521776/cybergeographyre

* Cairncross F., 1997, The Death of Distance: How the Communications Revolution Will Change Our Lives, (Harvard Business School Press). m/exec/obidos/ASIN/0875848060/cybergeographyre

* Card S.K., MacKinlay J. & Shneiderman B., 1999, Readings in Information Visualization: Using Vision to Think, (Morgan Kaufman Publishers). m/exec/obidos/ASIN/1558605339/cybergeographyre

* Castells M., 1996, The Rise of the Network Society, (Blackwell Publishers). m/exec/obidos/ASIN/1557866171/cybergeographyre

* Clemente P., 1998, The State of the Net: The New Frontier, (McGraw-Hill: New York). m/exec/obidos/ASIN/0070119791/cybergeographyre

* Coyle D., 1997, The Weightless World: Strategies for Managing the Digital Economy, (Capstone: Oxford). m/exec/obidos/ASIN/0262032597/cybergeographyre

* Crang M., Crang P., & May J., 1999, Virtual Geographies: Bodies, Space and Relations, (Routledge: London). om/exec/obidos/ASIN/0415168287/cybergeographyre/

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* Wurman R.S., 1997, Information Architects, (Graphis Press Corp.). m/exec/obidos/ASIN/1888001380/cybergeographyre


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