About me

I am a lecturer in atmospheric modelling at the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Manchester. My research interests include:

I have used a combination of observations (from aircraft, ground stations and satellites) and high-resolution, cloud-resolving models to study fundamental atmospheric processes. I then apply this knowledge to understand how well larger-scale models are able to represent these processes, and how they contribute to model biases. My focus is therefore on process-based model evaluation: I believe we need to have confidence that models are representing physical processes correctly, rather than testing them simply with performance metrics, if we are going to trust their predictions for future climate.

In terms of spatial scales, I have studied processes from the boundary layer scale (a few kms) to the mesoscale (10-100s km), and am currently particularly interested in understanding how smaller-scale processes, such as land-surface change and convective storms, can influence continental-scale circulations.