Example wikis and associated materials

This page contains some example wikis and other materials relating to the use of a wiki-based assessment in Labour Economics in academic year 2009/10. Theseexamples were orgininally online in the Blackboard virtual learning environment and in the transition to html below some formatting has been lost. Nevertheless the basic idea, structure and content are the same as on Blackboard.

Example Wikis

1. Immigrant Labour Market Assimilation

2. Patterns of Immigration to the UK

3. The Skill-Biased Technical Change Explanation for Increased Wage Inequality

4. Trade Explanation For Increased Wage Inequality

Other Materials

Video of Ken Clark's talk at the Humanities New Academics' Programme


Responses from wiki questionnaire issued to Labour Economics students.

Results from University Questionnaires on Labour Economics module 2008/9 and 2009/10

Presentation to E-learning conference July 2010

Case study at Economics Network website

News release on University of Manchester website