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Ant-based clustering

Nature-inspired heuristics are computational algorithms that are inspired by processes observed in nature. Ant-based clustering is an example of such a heuristic. Ant-based clustering was originally introduced as a computational model of the clustering and sorting behaviours observed in some types of ants. Its first applications were in the area of distributed robotics, but the model was then extended for the use in data clustering.

I first worked with ant-based clustering during my research project at Monash, where I used the algorithm as the classification component in a tool for the visualization of web queries in the form of "topic maps". My subsequent Masters project in Brussels focused primarily on the improvement and evaluation of the algorithm's performance for the tasks of clustering and topographic mapping.

Some of the code used in these projects can be downloaded below.


  • Java source code of the algorithm described by Handl and Meyer (2002). Includes a visualization of the clustering process.

  • C++ source code of the algorithm described by Handl, Knowles and Dorigo (2005). Includes retrieval of clusters off the grid and measures for the computation of clustering quality.


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