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Jackie Carter

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The University of Manchester
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Telephone: +44(0)161 2756725
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Jackie Carter is a senior manager at Mimas, a centre of expertise and national data centre based at the University of Manchester. Jackie also directs Jorum, the UK shared service for Open Educational Resources.

Jackie leads on learning and teaching related services and projects at Mimas, and has been instrumental in opening services up through Creative Commons licences. The EU Leonardo funded Hair.Net project , which helps fill a strategic skills gap in Europe, was made possible due to the content being shared through CC licences. The Hairdressing Training service won the prestigious international award for innovation in tertiatry education in 2008. Jackie also directed the high profile SCARLET (now SCARLET+) project which is using Augmented Reality to deliver Special Collections and now other digital materials in teaching and learning to enhance the student learning experience .

Jackie provides leadership for socieoconomic data services, including ESDS International and the Census Dissemination Unit. These services support academic and teaching use of real world data provided through intergovernmental organisations (such as the OECD, IMF and World Bank) and statistical organisations including the Office for National Statistics (ONS). She has recently undertaken a teaching fellowship with the Open University through the SCORE initiative to find best practice in teaching undergraduates quantitative skills using real world data.



Carter, J. et al., Developing Statistical Literacy Using Real World Data: Investigating Socioeconomic Secondary Data Resources used in Research and Teaching published in a Special Issue (Using Secondary Data in Educational Research) of the International Journal of Research & Method in Education, Taylor & Francis. Volume 34, Issue 3, 2011. DOI: 10.1080/1743727X.2011.609553

Carter, J.Jorum: A National Service for Learning and Teaching. Chapter 10 in Williams and Payne (2011): Teaching Quantitative Methods: Getting the Basics Right



Statistical Literacy and OER SCORE Final Presentation, Open University, June 2012.

How OER can help a strategically important and vulnerable subject area: Quantitative Social Science Cambridge 2012 OER and OCWC conference, Cambridge, UK, May 2012.

Adapting to an Open Data World: delivering international data for education and research in the UK Invited seminar at World Bank, Washington, February 2012.


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