Hujun Yin BEng MSc (Southeast) PhD (York) SMIEEE Turing Fellow

  Professor of Artificial Intelligence
  Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  The University of Manchester
  Manchester, UK.

  Tel: +44 (0)161 306 8714 --> 529 3144
  Email: h.yin {at} or hujun.yin {at}
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Research Interests

Theories and applications of neural networks, self-organising networks and deep learning
Image/video processing, enhancement, classification and face recognition
Nonstationary signal processing, financial time series analysis and prediction
Pattern recognition, data dimensionality reduction and manifold learning
Independent component analysis and blind deconvolution
Multidimensional data analytics and visualisation
Neuroinformatics and bioinformatics

Teaching, Admin and Leadership Responsibilities

MSc & 4th year MEng module on Machine Learning and Optimisation (since 2019)
MSc & 4th year MEng module on Digital Image Processing (since 2010)
MSc module on Digital Image Engineering (2010-2019)
4th year module on Advanced Signal Processing (2006-2009)
4th year module on Image Engineering (1999-2009)
3rd year module on Digital Signal Processing (2002-2005)
2nd year module on High Level Programming (1998-2002)
1st year module on Measurements and Analytical Software (2010-2016)

DSP MSc Course Director (2017-2019)
MEng Team Project Tutor (2011-2017)
BEng Electronic Engineering Course Tutor (2000-2014)

FSE Head of Business Engagement in AI and Big Data (since 2019)

Recent Activities

Chair of IDEAL 2019, held in Manchester on 14-16 November 2019. IDEAL is an annual international conference dedicated to emerging and challenging topics in intelligent data analytics and associated machine learning systems and paradigms. 2019 marked its 20th edition and after 17 years it returned to Manchester, the birthplace of Artificial Intelligence, with the support and co-sponsorship of the Alan Turing Institute, Springer and IEEE CIS UK & Ireland.

Winner of the IJCNN 2015 Time Series Prediction Competition with the work "Multistep Forecast Using an Extended Self-Organizing Regressive Neural Network" by Ouyang Yicun and Hujun Yin.

A recent plenary talk on Data Representation by Deep Learning at SOCO 2018, San Sebastian.

Keynote/Plenary Speaker at SOCO 2017, HAIS 2013, IEEE IST 2012, and CBIC 2011. Tutorial Speaker at VIIP 2009 and at WCCI 2008 (Title: Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction and Data Visualisation). Plenary Speaker of HAIS 2008. Chair of Special Session on Principal Manifolds and Data Visualisation at IJCNN 2007. An organiser of Biologically Inspired Information Fusion Workshop, Surrey, 22-23 August 2006. A talk on "The Self-Organising Maps for Data Visualisation and Manifold Mapping" to Workshop on Principal Manifolds, Leicester, 24-26 August 2006. A partner of the UK ICA Research Network. Lectured on "Neural Networks" and "Self-Organising Maps" to The British Computer Society, Summer School 2003. Invited seminars to a number of universities, both within the UK and abroad, DTI Outreach Programme, EPSRC workshops on Data Mining and Visualisation, Networks on Systems Biology, as well as Neural Computing Application Forum. Here is an early review paper on nonlinear multidimensional data projection and visualisation. Here is a recent talk at IJCNN 2007 on SOMs and MDS.

Member of the EPSRC Peer Review College (since 2006).
Senior Member of the IEEE (since 2003).

Vice Chair of the IEEE CIS UK-Ireland Chapter (since Sept 2019).
Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics (since 2015).
Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks (2006-2010).
Editorial Board, International Journal of Neural Systems (since 2005).
Guest-Editor, Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Algorithms, Vol. 5, no. 4, 2006 Special Issue.
Guest-Editor, International Journal of Neural Systems, Vol. 15, no. 5, 2006 Special Issue.
Guest-Editor, Neural Networks, Vol. 15, nos. 8-9, 2002 Special Issue. Guest-editor of 2012 Special Issue on Advanced Computational Techniques and Tools for Neuroscience, for the Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience journal. submissions are now closed!

General/Program/Steering Committee Chair of the International Conference on Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning (IDEAL), an established conference on data analytics and learning paradigms and their applications. Its proceedings (published as LNCS series) have been ranked as one of the top 25% downloaded by the Springer.
IDEAL'18, Madrid, Spain; IDEAL'17, Guilin, China; IDEAL'16, Yangzhou, China; IDEAL'15, Wroclaw, Poland; IDEAL'14, Salamanca, Spain; IDEAL'12, Natal, Brazil; IDEAL'11, Norwich, UK; IDEAL'10, Paisley, Scotland, IDEAL'09, Burgos, Spain; IDEAL'08, Daejeon, South Korea; IDEAL'06, Burgos, Spain; IDEAL'05, Queensland, Australia.
Program Committee Chair of IDEAL'13, Hefei, China; IDEAL'07, Birmingham, UK); IDEAL'04, Exeter, UK; IDEAL'03, Hong Kong; IDEAL'02, Manchester, UK.

Program Committee Co-Chair, 2006 International Symposium on Neural Networks.
Co-Chair, Publication Committee, 2005 International Symposium on Neural Networks.
Co-Chair, Publication Committee, 2004 International Symposium on Neural Networks.
Member of Steering Committee, Workshop on Self-Organising Maps series.
Programme Committee members for a number of international conferences.

Current and Recent Research Projects

Research Grants

Innovate UK KTP:
Real-time Embedded Deep Learning System for Hazardous Material Detection in Waste Recycling Streams (with Bensons Ltd.)
Deep Learning based Real-time Object Recognition and Volume Estimation from Degenerated Images Using Deep Learning (with KWM Ltd.), 2018-2020
Digital Twin-based Bilateral Tele-autonomous System for Nuclear Remote Operation (EP/S03286X/1), 2019-2021 (with J. Carrasco)
Deep Learning based Sensor Signal Modelling for Enhanced Interpretation (EPSRC IAA-220), 2019
Reliable Face-based Authentication for Mobile Healthcare Applications (EPSRC IAA-058 with industrial input from eLucid Ltd.), 2014-2015
Data Reduction Techniques for Systematic Information Quantification in Large Scale, Multiple Spike Trains (EP/E057101/1), 2007-2008 (with S. Panzeri)
Workshop on Biologically Inspired Information Fusion (EP/E012795/1), 2006 (with M. Casey, A. Browne, P. Sowden)
Nonlinear ICA and Applications to Image/Video Noise Reduction (GR/R01460/01), 2001-2002 (with N. Allinson)
Emergent Behaviour Computing (GR/M56500/01), 1999-2000 (with N. Allinson, H. Bolouri, A. Holden, J. Austin, A. Jones)
Fault-tolerant and Bayesian approaches to self-organising neural networks (GR/M12889/01), 1998-2002 (with N. Allinson)
Improved Identification of Proteins from Fragment Ion Spectra Using Machine Learning in Proteomics (EGM17685) , 2003-2006 (with S. Hubbard, S. Gaskell)
Integrative Systems Biology Centre, Manchester as one of the 40 Investigators in this large strategic £6.2M grant led by Douglas Kell, 2005-2011.
I-Patch: Development of gaming-based mobile monitoring treatment for childhood amblyopia, 2013-2014 (with T. Aslam and J. Ashworth)
Roy. Soc.
Travel Grant: International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks, Limassol, Cyprus. 2009
CitNOW Ltd.: Automatic Detection of Vehicle Logos and Face Recognition in Videos, 2015-2016
DTI and Premier Tech. Ltd (MTI): (KTA, formerly Teaching Company Scheme) Data Mining and Knowledge Management, 2000-2002 (with J. Keane, N. Allinson)
EPS Strategic Fund: Neural Techniques for Automatic Detecting Abnormal Patterns in Power System Operations, 2011-2012 (with J. Milanovic).

Research Students and Associates

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