About Me

I graduated from The University of Manchester in 2015 with an honours degree in Theoretical Physics, and remained here to do my PhD. Coming from a mixed scientific background, I am keen to consider interdisciplinary approaches to problem-solving and research practices.

I am a huge lover of all things coffee, with preference towards highly caffeinated hot beverages. Should you decide to pop by my office, you will most likely find me in the midst of brewing another cup or agonising over which beans to use. I have been trying (and failing) for some time to incorporate coffee into my work as a topic of research. If you have any suggestions in this regard, or simply fancy a cup of coffee, do get in touch.

In the unlikely event you are curious or made it this far I can inform you the above photo was taken at Salford Quays in 2015. It's a lovely place to go, even if the Mancunian weather is less than obliging.