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Plant Stress Biology

Data acquisition

We have developed Windows compatible software for the recording of fluorescence and NIR transient absorbance changes (i.e. Photosystem II and I). The software was developed using Labview and works with National Instruments data acquisition cards that are compatible with DAQmx drivers- see National Instruments for details. We use M-series cards which start at about £500 (including cables etc.). The software is free to download and use. The only condition is that, if you use our software, you cite Golding and Johnson (2003) in any publications. If you are familiar with Labview and think that you can improve on the programme, please contact us for a copy of the source code.

Before you run the programme you will need to install the NI-DAQmx drivers - available from National Instruments.

Download the the Zip file here (30 MB) and unzip files to a single directory. You can then run the installation file, setup.exe

This software is made available without any guarantee and we accept no responsibility for any problems arising due to its installation or use. Documentaton is also not, at present, available, however, if you have questions, please feel free to ask!