Plant Stress Biology at Manchester University

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Plant Stress Biology

Current group members:

Mariela Aguilera - PhD student (Chile) - Oxygen uptake and the plastid terminal oxidase

Norazreen Binti Abd Rahman - PhD student (Malaysia) - Acclimaiton to Temperature

Pablo Calzadilla - Post Doc (BBSRC) - Plastid Terminal Oxidase as a route to improve crop stress tolerance

Beata Czajkowska - technician (BBSRC) - Plastid Terminal Oxidase as a route to improve crop stress tolerance

Armida Gidalli - PhD student (BBSRC) - The role of soil nitrogen in controlling acclimtion to the environment

Helena Herrmann - PhD student (BBSRC) - Understanding plant acclimation to the environment

Giles Johnson - group leader

Chloe Kirkwood - MSci student - Acclimation to cold and the role of nitrogen in wheat

Josef Oliver - PhD student (BBSRC) - Understanding metabolism in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii for biotechnology applicaitons

Past group members and visitors:

Patten Smith - MBiol student - Role of fumarase concentration in controlling acclimation.

Mohammed Fauzihan Karim - PhD student (Malaysia) - Stress responses and acclimation

Stephen Chapman - PhD student (BBSRC) - Photosynthetic acclimation of Chalmydomonas

Beth Dyson - BBSRC funded post-doc working on the accumulation of fumarate in Arabidopsis plants; previously BBSRC funded PhD student

Matthew Miller - PhD student (NERC) - Photosynthetic acclimation in Arabidopsis

Chukwuma Ogbaga - PhD student (Nigeria) - Stress responses in Sorghum

Furzani Pa'ee - PhD student (Malaysia) - Acclimation of photosynthesis to decreasing light

Sashila Abeyratne - PhD student (Sri Lanka) Regulation of photosynthesis under stress in rice.

Milton Lima Neto - Post doctoral fellow, Brazil, regulation of electron transport.

Habib-ur-Rehman Athar - HEC funded post-doc - Betaine accumulation in transgenic tobacco

Mohamed Turan Boodhoo - PhD (BBSRC-DTC Systems Biology) - Effects of GPT2 expression on Metabolite Partitioning

Kafi James - MSc - FNR as a controlling factor in cyclic electron flow

Mahmood Esna Ashari - (Iran) - Visiting Scholar

Yiping Chen (China) - Visiting Scholar.

Concepcion del Carmen Molina Jiron (Panama) - MSc student - Photosynthetic acclimation in Wheat

Ruiqiong An - MSc - Chilling stress in Cucumber

Mostofa Kamal - MSc - Salt stress in Barley

Fakhra Shamim - Visiting researcher, HEC Pakistan- Drought stress in tomato varieties

Shun Hasegawa - visiting student (Japan) - Acclimation of photosynthesis in different Arabidopsis accessions.

Piotr Stepien - EU Marie Curie post doctoral fellow (Poland) - Salt tolerance of the halophyte Thellungiella halophilla

Beena Nandha - BBSRC funded PhD student carrying out spectroscopic analyses of electron transport

Rachel Webster - BBSRC funded research technician working on the molecular characterisation of T-DNA insertion lines and application of RNAi to produce knock-out plants

Simon Hald - BBSRC funded post doctoral research associate working on functional characterisation of knockout mutants of Arabidopsis

Kleovoulous (Kleo) Athanasiou (PhD) - Cyprus: Acclimation of photosynthesis to changes in growth light

Kevin Crawford - UK -research technician

Maclin Dayod (MPhil) - Indonesia - effects of waterlogging on barley photosynthesis

Eduardo Perez Torres - Chile - regulation of photosynthesis in Antarctic vascular plants

Alison Golding (PhD) - UK - role of cyclic electron flow in resisting drought stress in barley

Sophia Semerdjieva (PhD) - Bulgaria - effects of UV stress in arctic shrub vegetation

Joanne Clarke (PhD) - UK - effects of temperature on the regulation of photosynthesis

Michael Rosevear (PhD) - NERC funded student, Acclimation of Native British Species

Zu Hua Yin - NERC funded post doc - Plant acclimation to fluctuating light