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Manchester Institute of Education, University of Manchester, UK

Telephone: +44 (0) 161 275 7843 or +44 (0) 7501 963630 [mobile]
E-mail: drew [dot] whitworth [at] manchester [dot] ac [dot] uk


Research interests

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Journal and Book Publications in Information Literacy and Educational Technology

Books: Whitworth, A. (2009): Information Obesity, Chandos, Oxford. See the web site for this book at www.informationobesity.com

Whitworth, A. (2014): Radical Information Literacy: reclaiming the political heart of the IL movement, Chandos.

Whitworth, A. (2020): Mapping Information Landscapes: new methods for exploring the development and teaching of information literacy, Facet.

As Editor: Benson, A. D. and Whitworth, A. (eds) (2014) Research on Course Management Systems in Higher Education, IAP.

Book chapters

Whitworth, A. and Webster, L. (2020): Stewarding and power in networked learning. In Ryberg, T., de Laat, M. and Dohn, N. B. (eds): Mobility, Data and Learner Agency in Networked learning, Springer.

Whitworth, A. (2019): The discourses of power, information and literacy. In Goldstein, S. (ed): Informed Societies, Facet.

Webster, L. and Whitworth, A. (2019): Power and resistance in informed learning. In Ranger, K. (ed) Informed Learning Applications: Insights from research and practice, Emerald.

Whitworth, A. (2017): 'Anyone can cook': facilitating critical information literacy in the workplace, in McNicol, S. (ed) Critical Literacy for Information Professionals, Facet.

Goldstein, S. and Whitworth, A. (2017): Determining the value of information literacy for employers. In Forster, M. (ed) Information Literacy in the Workplace, Facet.

Benson, A. D. and Whitworth, A. (2016). The emergence of practice: two case studies of Moodle in online education. In Veletsianos, G. (ed.). Emergence and innovation in digital learning: Foundations and applications, University of Athabasca Press.

Whitworth, A. and Benson, A. D. (2014). Reflective Practice and Digital Habitats: Responsiveness and directiveness in Course Management Systems. In Benson, A. D. and Whitworth, A. (eds): Research on Course Management Systems in Higher Education, IAP.

Whitworth, A., Fishwick, I. and McIndoe, S. (2011): Teaching information literacy in a holistic way, in Teaching Information Literacy Online, ed. T. Mackey and T. Jacobson, Neal-Schuman, New York.

Whitworth, A. (2011). Information literacy and noöpolitics. In Pope, A. and Walton, G. (Eds.), Information Literacy: Infiltrating the Curriculum, Challenging Minds, Chandos, Oxford.

Whitworth, A. & Benson, A. D. (2010). Learning, design and emergence: Two case studies of Moodle in distance education. In G. Veletsianos (Ed), Using Emerging Technologies in Distance Education, Edmonton; Athabasca UP.

Luckin, R., Clark, W., Garnett, F.,Whitworth, A., Akass, J., Cook, J., Day, P., Ecclesfield, N., Hamilton, T. & Robertson, J. (2010). Learner Generated Contexts: a framework to support the effective use of technology to support learning. In M. J. W. Lee & C. McLoughlin (Eds.) Web 2.0-based e-learning: applying socialinformatics for tertiary teaching. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Whitworth, A. (2007): "Communicative Competence in the Information Age: Towards a critical theory of information literacy" in Andretta, S. (ed.): Change and challenge: Information Literacy for the 21st Century, Blackwood: Auslib.

Whitworth, A. (2007): "Researching the cognitive cultures of e-learning" in Andrews, R. and Haythornthwaite, C. (eds.): The Handbook of E-learning Research, London, Sage.

Journal articles

Manca, A. and Whitworth. A. (2018). Social media and workplace practices in higher education institutions: a review. The Journal of Social Media in Society 7/1, 151-183.

Webster, L. and Whitworth, A. (2017). Distance learning as alterity: facilitating the experience of variation and professional information practice. Journal of Information Literacy 11/2, 69-85.

Whitworth, A., Torras, M., Moss, B., Amlesom Kifle, N. and Blasternes, T. (2016). Mapping the landscape of practice across library communities. portal: Libraries and the Academy, 16/3, 557-580.

Whitworth, A., Garnett, F. and Pearson, D. (2012). Aggregate-then-Curate: how digital learning champions nurture online content. Research in Learning Technology 20/4, 186-77.

Whitworth, A. (2012). Invisible success: Problems with the grand technological innovation in higher education. Computers & Education, 59/1, 145-155.

Whitworth, A. (2011) Empowerment or instrumental progressivism? Analyzing Information Literacy policies. Library Trends 60/2, 312-337.

Whitworth, A. (2009). Whose context is it anyway? Workplace learning as a synthesis of designer- and learner-generated contexts. Journal of Workplace E-learning, 1(1).

Whitworth, A. (2009). Teaching information literacy within a relational frame: the Media & Information Literacy course at Manchester. Journal of Information Literacy, 3(2).

McPherson, M. and Whitworth, A. (2008): "Editorial" - to a special issue on the organisation of e-learning; British Journal of Educational Technology, vol. 39 no. 3.

Benson, A., Lawler, C. and Whitworth, A. (2008): "Rules, roles and tools: Activity Theory and the Comparative Study of E-learning" in British Journal of Educational Technology, vol. 39 no. 3 (special issue as noted above)

Whitworth, A. (2008): "The organisation of space and place: A commentary on Wahlstedt et al" in British Journal of Educational Technology, vol. 39 no. 2.

Benson, A. and Whitworth, A. (2007): "Technology at the Planning Table: Negotiation, Activity Theory and Course Management Systems" in Journal of Organisational Transformation and Social Change, vol. 4 no. 1.

Whitworth, A. (2006): "Dynamic but Prosaic: Toward a Methodology for Researching e-Learning Environments", International J ournal of Research and Method in Education 29/2, 151-164.

Whitworth, A. (2005): "The politics of virtual learning environments: environmental change, conflict, and e-learning", British Journal of Educational Technology, vol 36 no 4.

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Reffell, P. and Whitworth, A. (2002): "Information fluency: critically examining IT education", New Library World vol 103, no 1182/1183.

Conference presentations

Keynote speeches:

Whitworth, A. (2018): "Information, Mapping and Power: who writes our landscapes?": Information and media Litercy: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Education and Digitalisation in a Mediatised Information and Knowledge Society, Passau, Germany

Whitworth, A. (2017): "Lessons from the Borg Cube", European Conference on Information Literacy, St Malo, France

Whitworth, A. (2012): "Research: a means, an end or a culture?", University of Agder, Norway, 5th June 2012. Prezi

Whitworth, A. (2012). "Redefining information literacy: from 'study skills' to 'community informatics'", Information Literacy: A way of life, conference in Nyborg, Denmark, 11 May 2012. Prezi

Whitworth, A. (2011). The relational model of IL, and what it means for PhDs", PhD=kandidater og forskningsprosessen: Biblioteks bidrag, Oslo, 10 March 2011. Prezi

Whitworth, A. (2010): “The three domains of value: Why information literacy practitioners must take a holistic approach”, Creating Knowledge VI, Nord-InfoLit, Bergen, Norway, Sept 2010. See http://creatingknowledge.blip.tv Whitworth, A. (2009): “The VLE and innovation: an oxymoron?”, Flexible Learning Conference, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, March 2009.

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Research interests

My work lies at the intersection of three fields:


Critical theory
and the politics
of organisations


A critical theory
of learning, information and technology?


and technology


(particularly HE)