The English language of the north-west in the late Modern English period:

A Corpus of late 18c Prose, sample


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Mr Richard Orford
at Lime
near Disley
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        Haydock 27 Augs {*} 1781
    I have been at Golborn / to your order for to
demand the dog, but must not have him,
/except I pay / one pound one Shilling for his
keep to Ioseph Clayton, I desire your answer
by the return of the post, how I must proseed,
as I am determined to have the dog,
I am Sr. with Great respect
    Your %most ob'd Humb~ Servt
    Iohn Iackson

[The next letter has been attached to this one.]


Sr. yrs I recvd, which surprisd me no
little, as I had before toled you I had nothing
further to do with the dog — Clayton has
the dog — & has had him some time, he says
you yourself told him he shoud be paid —
which I heard you say myself — which if my
Uncles knows any_thing about the dog I
shall certainly tell him the whole —
however I now inform you I have nothing to
do either with Clayton or Jackson — so if
you write any more about the dog you must
derecd to Clayton — yrs
            Cholmondely Legh
Golbourne Parkes
Wednesday morn —
Sepr. 5.81


Mr Orford
att Lyme Near Buxton
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Mr Orford        Tideswell 3rd Augst 1774
    Yours of ye 30 Ult Came Duly to
Hand; the Contents of which a little Surpriz'd me:
to ffind Mrs Gaskell So %much a Stranger to her late
Husbands affairs' it's Much None of famely knew of
this Mony which was always Paid Interest for till of
late: But will Wate on you Very Soon and Sattisfy
you that I make No false Claim; it is a bond (that I
Have Against you and Mr Gaskell Being Exers.)
that Was Given from the late Mr Gaskells father
to My father for 40 in 1734 and in 1736 When
My father Came to ye Long Lows to live Under Mr
Gaskell he Call'd in 10 of ye Mony to Enable him to
Stock ye farm which Sum is Notify'd on ye Back of ye
Bond and my father alway Recd 30s a %year for the
Remaining 30 and Now this Mony with ye Interest Due
along with Other mony Belongs to me and Brothers
&c I Shall further Sattisfy you when I Come Over
till which I remain
        your Most Hume Sernt
        Ino Jackson
PS its much if there is not a Counterpart of this Bond
Somewhere in ye late mr Gaskells Pappers


Mr Orford att Lyme
Near Disley
[accounts in other hand omitted]
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Mr Orford
        Tideswell 27 Feby 75
    I have Waited since the 11th of Ian~ for
an answer from Mr Gaskell of Ingersley about the payment
of this Bond; he promis'd to write me in a fortenates time but
have not yet heard from him; the Seem'd Verry Scrupls,
about the matter as not knowing about Bond as ye Said
tho ye knew of ye 20li note But that was of later Date
a Deal and I Beleive was Ballanc'd with You on Acct
in 68 or 69 so it Don't Stand Due; But this Bond is
Which I Shall Be very Unwilling to loose where there is
affects; Mrs Gaskell told me She was of Oppinion it
had Been paid; which it Neither has nor Ever Demanded
Before I wrote about it after ye Death of my mother
Your answer when it most Be paid will Oblige
        Your Most Hume Sernt
        I Jackson
NB the interest is Due from the 4 may 1764


Mr Orford att
Lyme near
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Mr Orford        T{*****}ell [torn off] 4 Iune 1778

    I most Beg your pardon for
Not answering your last letter Sooner But was
in No Hory of Calling ye mony in; But my Brothers
Begin to think me Delitory about Doing my Duty
which I most Acknowledge; But I had Reasons for
it: and that made me Stop ye Interest in Mr
Gaskells hands when I Setled with him after my
Fathers Death; there has Been No Interest Recd,
on this Bond Since ye 4 of may 1764 at which time
I Came Over with to Settle My Fathers affairs
(Being left Executor By will) all ye Stock and the
20i Note I left which we had Against Mr Gaskell
I left to ye Care of my Mother who Soon Dispat{****} [inkblot]
them: ye Stock at ye Death of my Father ^worth^ About
150 and if I had left this Bond in Mothers power
She would a %made it away with ye Rest; as to papper
or Accompts She never kept any; as to Cash Being
Paid to her in May 1765 I am a Stranger to but
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I Dont Dispute the Truth ^of^ it as that 20 Note Cold not
be found at ye Death of my Mother (She I sopose) had
Recd ye Cash for it But at what time or times I Dont
Know; I know no mony has Ever Been Recd on
acct of this Bond But what is Recorded on ye Back of it
The late Mr Gaskell was of Deeper Penetration then to
Pay in Stock when he Knew the Bond was in my hands
and agreed to Stop ye Interest till I Call'd for it
if there Was any Sort of Ocation for Arbetration Cold have
No Objection to Mr Motershead; But as the Clame is
just hope it will Be paid without any Dispute &
Shall Be Glad to have it Done Soon as its high time
Either to Receive it or loose it; I am wth, Cops to Mrs
    Sir: y~r Obadet Huml Sernt
        Ino Jackson
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PS I Dont Think Mesrs Gaskells would
make any Dispute about the Payment of the
Mony of ye was as Clear about it as I am for
I Beleive them Honest Men


Mr Orford: att
Lyme Near Dishley
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        Tideswell 14 July 1778
    I wrote you ye 4th Ult Requesting the Payment
of the Mony Due On the Bond to me & Bros from the
Late Mr Gaskell I am Now Anxtious to have it
Paid; as to Messrs Gaskells Makeing a Boggle or
Dispute of My Clame the Don't need; as I have that
By me which is Soficient to Sattisfy them of the legalety
of my Demands which I have let them see; and was
well Pleas'd that ^the^ knew their Fathers writing which
Bond was made By him and as Good as Can be made
and Sopose will Bare the test in law if the was to
Dispute it: Shall be glad of your answer and am
kind Sir with Respects to Mrs Orford & Self
    your Oblig'd Huml Sernt
        Ino Jackson
NB    I Call'd at your House this is twelve Months to a seen
    you and you Gone %to knulsford Sessions


Good Sr

J shou'd be glad to know wt Mr Legh
Say's about me Leasing wth him if J
must, shoud be glad on acct of getting
money ready, by the time it will be
wanted & Sr. am your Hble Servt
    Edwd Jacson

P'.s There is a Harrot due to mr
Legh on the Death of my late Brother John,
wch my sister in law said she wou'd
pay it to you her self or you shou'd
have been paid before now


Mr. Orford.
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    Mr. Barnes & Mr. Outram the two
Referees we have chosen to act with you on
the Division of our Commons are here, and
should be glad to see you this [corrected] afternoon at Thos
Jones's, to fix the time of your first meeting, but
if you cannot come over, please to let them know
if you can meet them on this Business at Buxton
at the Angel, on Wednesday the 26th. of this
month by nine o Clock in the morning.
    I am Sr. yr. &c Simon Jacson
Whaley July 19th. 1775.

[note by Orford: ]
Attended on this affairs the moment J rec~ed
this letter [signature]

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