MACE20351: Computation 2 (Fortran)

I am no longer teaching this course, but I use Fortran a lot and will maintain the notes for a while.

Dr David Apsley

Main notes
Schedule of Fortran lectures
Command Window - basic commands if you choose to use this in preference to the integrated development environment

Part I First Programs;
Basic syntax
Main notes Coursework 1 (2008)
Part II Repetition (DO and DO WHILE);
Conditions (IF and CASE);
Samples Coursework 2 (2008)
Part III Character handling;
Functions and subroutines
Samples Coursework 3 (2008)
Data files: part2.dat, part3.dat
Part IV Advanced input/output;

Recommended Books

Links to "Free" Fortran Compilers

Links to Other Fortran 95 Compilers

Last notes update: 16 January 2018