Isentropic Gas Flow



Ratio of specific heats γ
Ideal gas constant (J kg-1 K-1) R

Calculate Values From The Mach Number

Mach Number Ma
Total pressure (Pa) p0
Total temperature (K) T0

Ratio to total values
Pressure p/p0
Temperature T/T0
Density ρ/ρ0
Ratio to sonic values
Pressure p/p*
Temperature T/T*
Density ρ/ρ*
Area A/A*
Absolute values
Pressure (Pa) p
Temperature (K) T
Density (kg m-3) ρ
Sound speed (m s-1) c
Velocity (m s-1) u

Calculate Mach Numbers From The Area Ratio

Area / sonic area A/A*
Mach number (subsonic) Ma1
Mach number (supersonic) Ma2