The Experimental Pragmatics at Manchester Group focuses on investigating how people understand meaning beyond the sentence.  We are based in the Division of Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology at the University of Manchester.

(l-r) Duncan Bradley, Andrew Stewart, Marcelina Skrobek, Jeff Wood, Matthew Haigh, Elizabeth Le-luan

Experimental Pragmatics at Manchester

Current Projects

Indirect Requests

In this project we are examining how people understand indirect requests (for example, bribes) that depend on the personal characteristics of the producer and receiver.

Indirect Replies and Polite Refusals

Face management plays a central role in determining how people communicate negative information.  In this project we are examining readers’ eye movements to understand how they use context to process indirect meaning that communicates negative information.

Implied Conditional Meaning

Argumentation and Persuasion

Latest News

Paper on Slippery Slope Arguments accepted in Memory & Cognition.

Slides from our talk at the January 2016 EPS meeting are available here.

Slides from our talk at the August 2015 London Reasoning Workshop are available here.

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