Reading group on topics in probability (2017/18)

The goal of this reading group is to look at interesting topics in probability theory. This semester, we will look at Schramm-Loewner Evolution.

Schramm-Loewner evolution is a random process which arises from many models in statistical physics, such as the Ising model, percolation and loop-erased random walks. The theory draws on deep links between Brownian motion and complex analysis, but is presented by Berestycki and Norris [BN] in an elementary way using only simple martingale theory and stochastic calculus, and we will follow this approach. The course starts with a discussion of the concepts needed from complex analysis before moving on to deterministic and stochastic Loewner evolution.

The group leader is Xiong Jin. All are welcome to attend.

There is a mailing list for announcements, which is the union of the list MATH-PROB-RG and the probability seminar mailing list. Please visit this link in order to subscribe (using your email address.)

Schedule (semester 1)

The reading group will start in week 2 on Thurs 5 Oct and run every Thursday, 10AM-12PM in Frank Adams 1. A plan for the topics each week follows - we can adjust this depending on how much time we need to understand each section.

Week Date Topic Speaker
25 Oct[BN] section 1Xiong Jin
312 Oct[BN] sections 2-3Robert Gaunt
419 Oct[BN] sections 4-5Alex Watson
526 Oct[BN] section 5 reduxAlex Watson
62 Nov~*~ reading week ~*~
79 Nov[BN] sections 6-7Denis Denisov
816 Nov[BN] sections 7-8Tuomas Sahlsten
923 Nov[BN] sections 9-10Xiong Jin
1030 Nov~*~ no talk ~*~
117 Dec[BN] sections 10-11Xiong Jin
Thanks to everyone who participated!


Please contact Alex Watson with any questions.