Description: Macintosh HD:Users:anazir1:Dropbox:MANQS.pdf     Welcome to the Manchester Noisy Quantum Systems Group (MaNQS)


       We work on the theory of open quantum systems, with an emphasis on developing new methods applicable beyond

       standard approximations. Applications range from thermodynamics to solid-state quantum devices and molecular systems.


       Group Members  


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       Ahsan Nazir

       Contact Details

       Senior Lecturer and EPSRC Early Career Fellow, School of Physics & Astronomy, University of Manchester







       Adam Stokes (Postdoc) - gauge ambiguities in quantum electrodynamics       

       Zach Blunden-Codd (PhD student) - open quantum system mappings

       Dave Newman (PhD student) - quantum thermodynamics with strong reservoir interactions

       Henry Maguire (PhD student) - quantum optics of molecular systems with strong vibrational coupling

       Conor McConnell (PhD student) - transport and full counting statistics with strong environmental coupling

       Owen Diba (PhD student) - noise in shortcuts to adiabaticity


       Former members:

       Jake Iles-Smith (PhD student, Postdoc, now Sheffield)




PhD opportunities: If you are interested in applying for a PhD place with the group then please feel free to get in touch to discuss the possibility. More information on the process can be found here:


Fellowships: We are also interested to hear from strong candidates who are keen to apply to fellowship schemes, such as the UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships, EPSRC Fellowships, Royal Society URFs, the Royal Commission 1851 Fellowship, Marie Curie Fellowships, and Newton International Fellowships.


New Preprint: Thermal enhancement of quadrature squeezing in resonance fluorescence, Jake Iles-Smith, Ahsan Nazir and Dara P. S. McCutcheon, arXiv:1806.08743 – We show that interactions with a thermal environment can enhance the squeezing of light produced within resonance fluorescence from a two-level system.


New Preprint: The reaction coordinate mapping in quantum thermodynamics, Ahsan Nazir and Gernot Schaller, arXiv:1805.08307, to appear as a chapter of: F. Binder, L. A. Correa, C. Gogolin, J. Anders, and G. Adesso (eds.), "Thermodynamics in the quantum regime - Recent Progress and Outlook", (Springer International Publishing) – We review the reaction coordinate approach to open quantum systems at strong coupling and its applications to quantum thermodynamics.


New Preprint: Gauge ambiguities in ultrastrong-coupling QED: the Jaynes-Cummings model is as fundamental as the Rabi model, Adam Stokes and Ahsan Nazir, arXiv:1805.06356 – We show that two-level truncations can lead to ambiguities in the description of ultrastrong-coupling QED, and that a Jaynes-Cummings model can be derived without needing the rotating-wave approximation.


New Paper: A master equation for strongly interacting dipoles, Adam Stokes and Ahsan Nazir, New J. Phys. 20, 043022 (2018) – We derive a Coulomb gauge master equation for two strongly interacting dipoles and apply it to find separation-dependent corrections to the natural emission spectrum of a two-dipole system.


       Other Papers


       Please see Google Scholar for a full list:


Phonon scattering inhibits simultaneous near-unity efficiency and indistinguishability in semiconductor single-photon sources, Jake Iles-Smith, Dara P. S. McCutcheon, Ahsan Nazir, and Jesper Mrk, Nature Photonics 11, 521 (2017)


       Limits to coherent scattering and photon coalescence from solid-state quantum emitters, Jake Iles-Smith, Dara P. S. McCutcheon, Jesper Mrk and Ahsan Nazir, Phys. Rev. B 95, 201305(R) (2017)


       Performance of a quantum heat engine at strong reservoir coupling, David Newman, Florian Mintert and Ahsan Nazir, Phys. Rev. E 95, 032139 (2017)


Anatomy of quantum critical wave functions in dissipative impurity problems, Zach Blunden-Codd, Soumya Bera, Benedikt Bruognolo, Nils-Oliver Linden, Alex W. Chin, Jan Von Delft, Ahsan Nazir, and Serge Florens, Phys. Rev. B 95, 085104 (2017)


       For arXiv preprints please see: