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Q-Sort User Guide

The Q Mat web page is not ‘active’ i.e. it is not continually connected to anything else on the internet, and only connects to send the results. Hence you can leave the web page open and complete it at your own leisure. Refreshing, reloading or closing the Q Mat page before submission will cause all the tiles positions to be LOST. Zooming in and out (using Ctrl +/-) to show more or less of the Q Mat may help provide a better view when placing the tiles.

If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact me for any assistance and/or clarification you need.

Just click and drag the tiles from the deck column (the large red one) on the left to the empty columns on the right on the scale of 'agreement' with the statement on the tile.

Basic Move

Once all the columns are populated an e-mail text box and a submit button will appear. Pressing submit more than once is fine, it will just send another copy of the results.


If you try to add to a full column, as shown below...

Drag to Full column

This will fail and the tile dropped is returned to the deck with an error message.

Basic Move

So the solution is to remove the tile that is to be replaced by dragging it back to the deck first as follows:-

Basic Move

... and then drag the desired tile to the column that now has an empty space for it.

Basic Move