I obtained a first class Masters degree in Mathematics and Physics (MMath&Phys) in 2015 and an Applied Mathematics PhD in 2019 at The University of Manchester, where I am now a research associate in the Department of Mathematics. I am a massive football fan, supporting Liverpool FC and England.


I am a research associate investigating granular flows using mathematical modelling, laboratory experiments and numerical simulations working with Prof. Nico Gray and Dr. Chris Johnson. Small-scale laboratory experiments show very similar behaviour to large scale geophysical mass flows such as avalanches, landslides and pyroclastic flows. In particular, we are interested in phenomena where solid-like and liquid-like regions coexist. I am also a member of the Manchester Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics, an interdisciplinary research group combining theoretical, numerical and small-scale experimental investigations, which has laboratories in the Department of Physics & Astronomy.
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Between the academic years of 2015/16 and 2018/19, I was a first year physics laboratory demonstrator (PHYS10180). In this role, I assisted students in performing experiments and assessed them via lab interviews and lab reports. Also as part of this role, I helped to update the teaching resources.