Dr. Yaoyong Li

Research Fellow in Bioinformatics
Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health
University of Manchester
Michael Smith Building
Oxford Road
Manchester, M13 9PT, UK

Tel: +44 161 2756772
Email: Yaoyong.Li@manchester.ac.uk

Research experiences

December 2014 --- Present
Work as a research associate from 2014-2017 and then research fellow since 2017 in Professor Andrew Sharrocks's group. Perform integrative data analysis of ChIP-seq, RNA-seq, ATAC-seq and epigenetic data for several projects. Developed an HMM based pipeline for peak calling in ChIP-seq data, and a pipeline for analysing the Fluidigm gene expression data. Developed an R package geno2proteo to retrieve the protein sequences of any genomic regions and the genomic coordinates of any protein sequences, which was available in the R package repository CRAN, and an online tool ToFiGAPS based on geno2proteo. Downloading and analysing the sequencing data from the exteranal sources such as TGCA, Roadmap and GEO. Also provide general bioinformatics support for the group. Supervise the Masters students in the lab and gave the tutorial to MS student in bioinformatics.

May 2009 --- December 2014
Worked in the Applied Computational Biology and Bioinformatics group, led by Dr. Crispin Miller, at the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute. I have been working on many projects by processing and analysing next-generation sequencing (NGS) data, microarray data, proteomic data, and siRNA data. The NGS projects that I have been working on involved the whole genome sequencing, whole exome sequencing, targeted genome sequencing, ChIP-seq, DamID-seq, and RNA-seq. The Microarray projects involved the Affymetrix Exon array, GeneArray, hgU133Plus2 array, and Agilent Human CGH Microarray. I developed several pipelines for analysing different types of NGS data. I designed and implemented a novel scan statistic based method for analysing the DamID-seq data. I also experimented and identified the best method for copy number variations (CNVs) analysis in the circulating tumor cells samples. For details about the research see the publications.

February 2004 --- April 2009
I worked in the GATE team, led by Professor Hamish Cunningham, in the Sheffield NLP Group, Sheffield University. Worked on an EU project LarKC. The aim of the LarKC is to build a platform and the essential plug-ins for massive distributed incomplete reasoning and semantic computing for the SemanticWeb. I have also worked in the project SAM for patent semantic annotations using the semi-automatic approach of GATE Teamware, and another EU project SEKT. My research focuses on developing effective and efficient machine learning algorithms for text mining, such as Perceptron with Uneven Margins, and SVM with Uneven Margins, and building up text mining system in the software GATE based on those machine learning algorithms. I also work on the applications of text mining, e.g. opinion mining, patent semant annotation, biomedical text mining, and bioinformatics. I also developed the advanced learning algorithms for other NLP tasks, such as Chinese word segmentation, cross-language information retrieval, cross-language document categorisation. I also worked on Semantic Web technology.

July 2001 --- January 2004:
I worked for Professor John Shawe-Taylor on an EU 5th Framework project 'Kernel Methods for Image and Text' (KerMIT), in Royal Holloway College, University of London. The project developed machine learning algorithms and software for classification, clustering, ranking and filtering of text and image. I have developed effective machine learning algorithms, such as Perceptron with Uneven Margins and SVM with Uneven Margins, for document categorisation, filtering and cross-language information retrieval. Our document filtering system scored the 2nd place in the adaptive filtering task in TREC 2002.

August 1999 --- July 2001:
I worked on the China founded project 'The Natural Language Understanding and HNC Theory', a part of National Key Fundamental Research Program (the 973 Program), in Professor Zengyang Huang's group, at Institute of Acoustics, CAS, China. The project developed a new theory of natural language understanding -- 'Hierarchical Networks of Concepts' (HNC) and a machine translation system using HNC. HNC develops knowledge and methods for semantically analysing natural language. One of its core knowledge is an ontology for analysing sentence.

September 1993 --- August 1999:
I worked at the Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, led by Professor Nanning Zheng, in Xi'an Jiaotong University, China. From 1997 to 1999 I worked on the 'Chaotic Neural Network models and intelligent information processing', a projected founded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). This project involved studying the neurobiology-oriented dynamical neural network models and their applications to intelligent information processing. From 1993 to 1996 I worked on the 'Industrial Robot Vision' project. The project involved designing and developing state of the art Robot vision system in assembly line.

Software development

Developed a bioinformatics online tool ToFiGAPS, an online Tool for Finding Genomic And Protein Sequences of any genomic or protein regions. This on-line tool was based on the R package geno2proteo that I created.

I participate in developing the GATE, a well-known software for natural language engineering. In particular, I developed the machine learning facilities in GATE, the annotation merging plugin, and the inter-annotators agreement (IAA) computation. For more details about those works, see Chapter 11 and Chapter 9 in GATE User Manual, respectively.

A Chinese Word Segementater based on the Perceptron learning algorithm. It can be used for both the simplified Chinese and tranditional Chinese text. It obtained top scores in the SIGHAN-2005 Chinese word segmentation task. It has been integrated into GATE. Please contact me if you are interested in using it.

The PAUM models which were learned from the SIGHAN-05 training data and can be used in the Chinese word segmentation plugin of GATE:
The PAUM model learned from the PKU training data in UTF-8 code
The PAUM model learned from the PKU training data in GB2312 code

Teaching experiences

September 2015 --- Present, Research Associate at the University of Manchester
Give the tutorials to MS Bioinformatics students and co-supervise the research projects of the MS students.

September 1993 --- August 1999, Lecturer at Xi'an Jiaotong University
Courses taught:
Digital Signal Processing (both undergraduate and graduate level)
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (graduate level)
Machine Learning (co-taught, graduate level).
Supervised a two-week visiting and practising course at Changzhou Sound Equipment Factory for the final year students of Department of Information and Control, 1994.
Supervised a final year project on controlling a chaotic electrical circuit, 1996.

Other teaching experiences
Gave the tutorial to the MS students in bioinformatics, and supervised a Masters student in bioinformatics, Machester University, UK, 2015-2016.
JAVA Programming, Teaching Assistant, Sheffield University, UK, 2007.
FORTRAN and Algorithms, Lecturer, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China, 1992.
Methods of Mathematical Physics, Teaching Assistant, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China, 1990.


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